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One Night in Pallas

On May 27, 2017, the Palladium hosted its final event of the year: the launching of Pallas — the literary folio of The Palladium. This collection provided an outlet for Ateneans to showcase their talent in poetry, storytelling, and photography.

At first glance, this portfolio may seem simple enough, but this “seemingly simple” portfolio showcased what value an Atenean should have: excellence. Pallas, at its heart, showed that the Atenean student body does not only excel in academics, but also thrive artistically.

The event itself highlighted the student body’s excellence through a showcase of talents. The crowd witnessed the performance of the highly touted Ateneo Law School Choir. The program also showcased the mellifluous voices of Jade Pitogo and Amber Gagajena, whose medley reminded the listeners how to fall in love again. This was followed by the performance of Choogee Guerrero and Therese Miguel who swooned the hearts of many. Finally, Jeremiah Virata and William Villegas brought their emphatic passion for music to the stage.

Lastly, the event staged the passing of torch to the promising new Executive Board, who strives to maintain The Palladium’s highly valued culture of excellence. These are Joren Lex Tan as the new Editor in Chief, Roberto Romalio G. Reyes as the new Associate Editor, and Zeth Lorenzo Z. Samson as the new Managing Editor.

this “seemingly simple” portfolio showcased what value an Atenean should have—excellence.

Through Pallas, the organization aims to exemplify excellence by empowering the student body in their pursuit of the spirit of magis — to do more. If this event is only a taste of what is to come, then rest assured that The Palladium will continue exhibiting excellence above the norm. P

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