On the road to 2015

The cool breeze that eases its way through the windowpane is a reminder that 2014 has reached its end; as we bid goodbye to the year that was, a promise of a brand new tomorrow lurks in the horizon.

The whole month of December has been a whirlwind of dinners, parties, brunches, trips, get-togethers and reunions of sorts. Squeezed into the full schedule are a couple of visits to malls for Christmas shopping and other last minute errands. People are a bit more convivial than usual, and the holiday season can be easily felt everywhere.

Even the final week of classes transformed students into singers/actors/game-masters/contestants/musicians and all around party-planners armed with the goal of spreading merriment through the halls of the Law School—not just in the hopes of getting a recit-free period, but more importantly to show their appreciation to professors and to the community. As a result, corridors were filled with the resonating sound of Christmas songs, cheers and performances; even professors delightfully participated in the program and some classes were privileged enough to have witnessed their teachers perform.

Despite the holiday rush, it is not uncommon for people to become reminiscent of the triumphs they have achieved, and the tribulations they have had to endure in the past twelve months. But more than these, the allure of a clean slate and the beckon of molding into a better person serve as motivation for making New Year’s resolutions. Some people opt to make a bucket list, a checklist, or just any list, whatever fancy name they might want to call it. It may be in the form of finding a new hobby, overcoming a challenge, perfecting a skill, or expending more time and energy in making an impactful contribution to society. Thus, the current year that is to unfold before us is brimming with endless possibilities waiting to be grasped, ready to ripen into fruition.

Now that Christmas has come and gone, the festive spirit still lingers and makes everyone wish it were still the holidays. The in-between period where the tail-end of the year effortlessly meets the start of a new one is exhilarating because it is an opportune time for some introspection, where one can make sense of past actions and decisions, how these made an impact in their own or other people’s lives. The promise of a new tomorrow, on the other hand, pushes people to work harder, to make amends with the mistakes or shortcomings of the past, and to get on the road to achieving their dreams.

As we bid goodbye to 2014, we turn a new leaf and start living the days of the present. With this, may we always be reminded of the pact we made with ourselves at the start of the year—with the unfaltering tenacity of making good on our promise so we can reach our aspirations. Here’s to making each and every day count so that slowly but surely, we become the best possible version of ourselves starting today.

Here’s to welcoming the best year yet! Cheers to 2015! P

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