“Are we there yet?”

For the young, it will always be about fast-forwards; for the old, it will always be about rewinds.

When we were younger, we all used to embrace change. We couldn’t wait to grow up and taste the life that we all have set ourselves to live. We couldn’t wait to enter “the real world” that we have heard so much about. The idea of independence and the much-celebrated responsibility of adulthood were tempting and, at times, very addicting. But years down the road, we suddenly crave stability and familiarity. We find ourselves taking too many photographs of moments that we try so hard to preserve. We reject everything that doesn’t resemble the present that we forget to live like the torrents that we are and not just ripples in the vast ocean that is life.

It’s fascinating how change can affect everything it passes. We find ourselves wondering how life could have been much simpler and a lot less complicated had everything stayed the same. Change is like a face behind a mask: it can have as many disguises as it wants but once you take it off, it’s still the same face underneath. For some, change could mean a new house, a new neighborhood, a new school, a new teacher, a new block, a new partner. On the other hand, it could also come in the form of loss, freedom, life, death, and of course, growing up.

Sometimes, I’d think to myself how convenient life would be if things just stayed the same. How our parents would always be around. How we would always be kids under their roof. How school would always be about one plus one. How we didn’t have to look elsewhere for money. How we wouldn’t have to deal with growing old. How no one dies and babies would always stay babies. How there would be no departures and only arrivals.

For the young, it will always be about fast-forwards; for the old, it will always be about rewinds. But for now—in the middle of all this chaos—whether young or old, why don’t we all just press play?

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