Students initiate the first Career Discernment Workshop

LAST March 4, 2013, the Lawyers as Leaders elective class of Atty. Tanya Lat spearheaded the Career Discernment Workshop—the first of its kind in the law school. The objective of the workshop is for students to determine whether the legal profession is really for them, and further, which field in the legal profession would best suit them.

Students from different year levels graced the Ateneo Professional Schools auditorium. Ms. Jennifer Mateo, a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of the Philippines-Diliman and a master’s degree from the Ateneo de Manila University, began the talk by discussing how the tenets of eligibility and suitability factors in finding the right career. Several anecdotes were told, mostly about individuals who, though were academically excellent students in law school, discovered that they did not have the heart for the practice of law. They eventually quit and pursued a different career path.
Thereafter, the facilitator instructed the students to pair up and ask questions on motivation and various skills which they believe would help them be the best fit for lawyering. Skills, such as being assertive, overly-organized and well-grounded, were among the many traits that the pairs shared with the group. As to motivation, influence in the family was cited as one of the main reasons for entering law school. An interesting number reported that, at first, they had no plans of pursuing the law career, but eventually developed the passion for it.

A test was also administered to determine the type of “lawyer personality” each student in the workshop springs to become.

Atty. Lat closed the workshop by showing the many different fields of the legal practice and made the students reflect on those that attract them the most, given the knowledge obtained in the workshop.

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