Photos from Liz Siycha and Marj De Castro

Siycha and De Castro win in ALS’ first online SC elections

Liz Siycha of Block 3A, the new Internal Vice President-elect, was proclaimed the Acting President and Marj De Castro is also the new Fourth Year Batch Representative of the Ateneo Law Student Council A.Y. 2020-2021.

The elections, despite the suspension of online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has been pushed through by the Commission on Elections and Judicial Appointments (CEJA) through online means. The campaign was done by creating a Facebook group comprising of all Ateneo Law students. Through the group, the candidates were able to post their campaign materials in a non-public manner. The voting was also done through the website

“I am incredibly grateful to the student body for trusting me to represent their interests-and especially for giving me another opportunity to serve the entirety of the ALS community. I am incredibly proud to say I serve a resilient student body. We will continue to be resilient until we can come together again. We shall aim to move away from crisis and towards community. For now, we shall hope for our country’s future, and that of each other. This hope is not merely optimism, but a determination to make things better,” Acting President Siycha said.

In total, the first online elections can be declared a success as the voter turnout was 79.13% or 652 out of 824 registered voters. The dilemma, however, is that out of the 9 positions of the Student Council, only two are filled in.

Siycha was proclaimed the acting President after Carlos Recto, the lone Presidential candidate, failed to overcome abstain votes. Lirene De Los Reyes also fell into the same fate for the position of Second Year Batch Representative.

“This council, as capable as I know we are, will need the help of the students to build back better. I ask you all to look within yourselves and acknowledge your capacity to lead. We will be reaching out for volunteers for our upcoming projects and we will be looking forward to working alongside newly-elected representatives, those who believe in this call-to-action. We do not just believe tomorrow can be better, we will make tomorrow better. We are Ateneo,” Siycha said.

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