SC ELECTIONS REPORT: Treasurer Candidate Siycha pushes for transparency and accountability on MDA 2019

Unopposed Alyssa Siycha answered questions regarding her competence and the feasibility of her projects for the Student Council (SC) Treasurer position during the Miting De Avance, April 25.

Pushing for accountability and transparency, Siycha’s DMA Financial report was questioned by the panelists composing of Rob Escalante, incumbent SC President, Mav Abata, Commission on Elections and Judicial Appointments and the Editor-in-Chief of the Palladium, Danica Evangelista.

The DMA means Daily, Monthly and Annual financial report. Escalante asked on how the daily financial summary is practical since the SC does not spend every day. Siycha elaborated her project, telling that the monthly and the daily aspect of DMA are reproduced as internal documents of the SC. The annual, on the other hand, is to be published for the students.

Siycha’s work experience was also been questioned, but the said candidate rebutted by enumerating her participation in the Central Bar-Ops and in its academic department where she has provided materials and case digests.

“Although I don’t have that much experiences in school organizations or activities, under the [SC] Constitution, what is important as the treasurer is accountability and transparency. And I believe that I can handle accountability and transparency because one of my projects is geared towards that,” Siycha responded.

She also cited her training in their family corporation as a tool that will help carry out her duties when elected.

Moreover, the random question she answered was about how she is going to balance the weight of the student council duties and her work as a sorority member.

“I will prioritize the student council by ensuring transparency in my projects and only accepting members in my team who are qualified and willing with the job. The reason why I wanted to run is not for the benefit of anyone else but the student body,” Siycha said.

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