SC ELECTIONS REPORT: Third Year Batch Rep Candidate De Castro on MDA 2019

‘Running now is a continuity of what I started’ – De Castro

Unopposed Marjolaine De Castro proved that despite having only a couple of months to complete the term of the second year batch representative, she has been successful in carrying out her responsibilities in the Student Council (SC) and now offers to extend her service and leadership anew as the 3rd Year Batch Representative during the Meeting De Avance, April 25.

She enumerated the Internship Briefing, the 2021 trademark and the Agralympics as her accomplishments during her momentary stint as 2nd Year Batch Representative. De Castro entered the SC by a special election as the said position became vacant in the second semester.

Furthermore, De Castro addressed questions on her sincerity to serve since she ran only after the position became vacant and not during the regular elections last year.

“The delay in running as 2nd Year Batch Representative made me more ready to serve and more holistic in my proposed projects. It’s not because I did not want to serve in that instance, but I’d want to prepare myself for the projects that I want to impart with my batchmates,” De Castro said.

Before she became the batch representative, the ALS Admin’s addition of a block in her batch gave rise to controversies regarding who should fill up the new Block 2E. De Castro responded that she’ll be providing a standardized process in cases where no voluntary shifting occurs.

De Castro as well shed light on her opinion if students with affiliation deserve to be in the SC.

“Affiliated or not, it is the volition or the intent to serve the student body that matters. I think that we should not discriminate whether affiliated or non-affiliated.  So long as the person is genuine in serving the student body, then I would not have any problem with that,” she explained.

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