SC ELECTIONS REPORT: Aspiring Second Year Batch Rep Candidates Castillo and Ajihil on MDA 2019

Shik Castillo aspires to #SHIKthingsUp as she vies for the position of 2nd year batch representative. Her platform focuses on two things: getting her batch involved and getting her batchmates ready.

Castillo stressed that while her plans of action are expected of a good batch representative, her Usap Tayo: Dialogues with the Block project is very important as it is an avenue for her to help address and resolve conflicts within the block, given that law school can create stressful situations. She also put forward the use of her experience as a human resources professional to improve the batch’s professional excellence.

When asked if she would have considered running even without Carlos Recto, incumbent 1st year batch representative, asking her, she clarified, “Even before Carlos ran for 1st yr batch rep, I already wanted to run for that position. But I wanted to serve my block first and feel the ground of how it is like to serve my block first. When he talked to me, I wanted to be sure; I wanted to consult his decision since he is the incumbent batch rep.”

Castillo also shed light on the issue of allegedly excluding two beadles in her publication material captioned “BATCH 2022 Beadles vote SHIK CASTILLO as their BATCH REPRESENTATIVE.”

“I admit to the fault of the caption— we shouldve just limited it to the beadles who were included in the photo. These are the beadles we already talked to for their support. I know that other beadles are not leaning towards supporting my own candidacy. Rest assured that if I become the next batch representative, this will not in any way seclude other beadles from being united and in terms of serving the batch,” she explained.

As Sean Ajihil campaigns to be the next 2nd year batch representative, he ensures his batchmates that #SeanNaNga ang pagbabago, #SeanNaNga ang susunod na batch representative.

His tagline stands for Student services, Effective grievance system, Academic support, and iNternship. However, the panelists pointed out that his plans of action lacked projects for social responsibility, unlike the other candidates. Ajihil asserts that he wants to ensure he serves his batch well by addressing their immediate concerns but is not shut from participating in such activities.

Ajihil explained that his projects under students services, particularly batch unity, carpool system, and student living are feasible and intended to connect people with common interests such basketball, K-Pop, or board games, and create an avenue for them to destress from law school. Volunteers for the carpool system may also be given incentives like sure parking slots.

Ajihil was also asked of his real intention to run but simply answered that he made the decision by himself considering his active stints in student leadership since college until the present as co-beadle and SAC representative of his block.

“When the opportunity arose to serve not just my blockmates but to extend it to each person in my batch, I took it,” he added.

Being affiliated, Ajihil was asked what he would do if a co-affiliate does something detestable.

“Admin has strict rules and regulations and everyone has to follow that. If one of my brods does something detestable, as a batch rep, I’m not just running for my affiliation. I’m running for each and every person in the batch. Whether he’s my brod, unaffiliated, or from any other affiliation, if he did something, we will communicate his concerns and his side to the admin.”

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