SC ELECTIONS REPORT: Fourth Year Batch Rep Candidate Castro on MDA 2019

“No name recall, no taglines; just pure vision,” Dom Castro banks his candidacy as 4th year batch representative on his vision which includes thesis defense, bar preparation, and employment and engagement.

According to Castro, projects relating to representation and grievances are already part of his responsibilities as a batch representative, mandated by the ALS Student Constitution. As such, they should not be included in his platform anymore.

The propriety of his projects, namely the graduation ball x blue roast, bar preparation, and career fair was put in question because these projects are supposedly within the jurisdiction of the 3rd year and 2nd year batch representatives. Castro explained that he wants to innovate and expand these projects.

For the graduation ball x blue roast, he plans his batch to have a say and to let them decide on the venue, program, and the like. “As much as possible, we don’t want to limit their participation. Blue roast is the last event where seniors get the opportunity to have a get together as one batch,” he added.

As to career fair, Castro thinks that while the current project is intended for seniors as well, it lacks on the interview preparation side and on how to address the difference between underbar employment and post-bar employment. He also wants to open the projects and initiatives on bar preparation to the batch.

Furthermore, Castro intends to implement “Defend that thesis!” where ALS alumni will be asked to either conduct a mock thesis defense or help his batchmates come up with a topic, depending on the latter’s progress.

On batch unity, Castro asserted that his batch anchors their strength in diversity.

“It is due to diversity regardless of your block, your affiliation, your organizations—we anchor on that. It doesn’t mean that we have to be one in order to say that we can move forward together, so long as we respect their beliefs and opinions.”

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