SC ELECTIONS REPORT: EVP Candidate Siapno emphasizes platform on student involvement

Running for the External Vice President (EVP) position, Frances Siapno guaranteed that she’ll bring significant changes in the Conflicts of Law by representing the Ateneo Law School in the Association of Law Students in the Philippines (ALSP), the competition’s organizers.

Conflicts of Law is the annual contest where law students around the National Capital Region display their speed, strength and strategy as they compete in various sports like Basketball, Badminton, Football, among others.

The Miting De Avance (MDA) panelists scrutinized the feasibility of her platforms which focus on how she’ll maximize the participation of the students in ALS in the said event.

Rob Escalante, incumbent President of the ALS Student Council (SC) and part of the MDA panelists, shed light on how the Conflicts of Law incur logistical problems due to the clashing of schedule and venue and the only way to solve this problem is to be a part of the ALSP.

“What I can do is provide every single athlete, every single player a voice, an assertive voice. So for example the ALSP says, ‘Alright gusto namin QC kasi ito lang yung available.’ I will be proactive, I will say ‘No, the Ateneo Loyola Schools has these number of courts.’ I know that we can assert for you,” Siapno said.

Escalante responded as well that the ALS has stopped sending representatives in the ALSP because of the former’s heavy academic load. Siapno replied that by running as an EVP, she has foreseen the weight of the duty in maximizing the participation of the students in the Conflicts of Law.

Sakto yan sa platform ko because it’s balance,” Siapno quipped.

“When I decided to be EVP, I know that I can commit a hundred percent of my extra time and that is why I know that when I become EVP, I can commit to the job that [it] entails,” she added.

Moreover, the panelists questioned the way of giving incentives to students who will join the Conflicts of Law since most of the administrators disagree with the said method. In addition, the panelists commented that giving incentives defeats the purpose of students joining the event voluntarily and on their own volition.

Siapno responded that giving incentives is still a discretion of the professors. She likewise ensures that whether incentives will be given or not, students who will join the Conflicts will have a good time away from the stress brought by law school.

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