RecWeek goes Disney

THE FIRST day of school marked the beginning of the Recruitment Week (RecWeek) of the different student groups under the Council of Organization of the Ateneo Law School (COAL). This year’s RecWeek, which had Disney as its theme, was held from 2-7 June 2014 at the Atrium of the Ateneo Professional Schools.

Several organizations grabbed the opportunity to set up their unique Disney-inspired booths in order to attract and recruit new members. The organizations present during RecWeek, some decked in their chosen Disney-inspired theme, were: The Palladium (Pirates of the Caribbean), Ateneo Human Rights Center (Up), Kapwa (Toy Story), Ateneo Law School Choir (Lilo and Stitch), Ateneo Center for International Economic Law (The Avengers), St. Thomas More Society of Advocates (Frozen), Ateneo Society of International Law (Star Wars), Campus Ministry Office (Hercules), Environmental Law Society of the Ateneo, Teehankee Center for the Rule of Law, Commission on Elections and Judicial Appointments, Ateneo Law Journal, Bernas Center, Ateneo Law Business Association, Forte, Salsa, Libertas, Lente, Ateneo Law Central Bar Operations, Forum, Ponencia, Blue Pixel, and Basketball Organization of Ateneo Law.  Asana, a new organization that caters to those who are interested in the practice of yoga, made its debut during the said event.

The opening ceremony started with a loud playing of the drums led by the Student Council Treasurer, Quito Nitura (4A), and other former members of the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion. A photo booth was set-up on the first day, which allowed the students to take free photos with their friends. Concessionaires such as Potato Corner, Shakey’s and Tea D’Lite provided food and refreshments during the said event.

According to Student Council Internals Vice President and concurrent COAL Chair Cyndy dela Cruz (3D), the decision to have RecWeek coincide with the start of classes was to intended to make it the opening salvo of the school year. The festive theme of the event was also meant to take the place of the Back to School Party, which was preempted this year because of financial constraints. P

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