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Paper Trees: Ateneo Law School Paper Drive

Consumer Protection class of Atty. Ron Gutierrez

Trekking up the UPLB Laguna-Quezon Land Grant in Siniloan, Laguna, Ateneo Law students under Atty. Ron Gutierrrez’s Consumer Protection (CONPRO) class held the culmination of the month-long “Paper Trees: Ateneo Law School Paper Drive” and planted 117 trees, April 14.

The project aimed to raise the student body’s awareness of recycling paper as a means of fulfilling one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals which is Responsible Consumption and Production.


The activity was apportioned into three phases.

The first phase is an information dissemination campaign where educational posters were published in different social media platforms and various school boards. These posters contain alarming quantitative data as to the excessive use of paper by Ateneo law students and information on how it adversely affects the environment.

Poster created by Kenzo Rodis

Poster created by Kenzo Rodis

The second phase is the Paper Drive, which was integrated as a contest in ALS Student Council’s House Cup. In the competition, different blocks were divided into competing Houses and actively collected scratch papers from April 4-12.

House Mane emerged as frontrunners which was able to collect a towering 55 ft. and 3 in of scratch papers. House Fang came in second with 10 ft. and 9 in. worth of paper. House Talon put up 3ft and 10 in. while House Claw came in last with only 2 ft. and 6 in.

Through the community’s active participation in the form of healthy competition, the overall height of the collected papers was measured to have reached an astonishing 72.33 ft.

Poster created by Kenzo Rodis

The collected scratch papers were sold to a recycling company and the project was able to generate a total of P9,800. Ultimately, the proceeds were then used to fund the third and culminating phase, the tree planting activity.

In partnership with the Foresting Education & Entertainment for Development (FEED), Inc., CONPRO students together with Atty. Ron Gutierrez, were able to plant a total of 117 tree seedlings in the UPLB Laguna-Quezon Land Grant in Siniloan, Laguna. Through this creative initiative, useless scratch papers left as clutter at home were turned back into trees. Now, indeed, that’s some #ResponsibleConsumption.

Poster created by Kenzo Rodis


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