The officers of Libertas , together with Associate Dean Ronald Chua who judged the event.

Libertas hosts the first ever Medina Cup; 1C prevails

COINCIDING with its namesake’s birthday, the Medina Cup was held on the 28th of February, at the Ateneo Professional Schools Auditorium. The Medina Cup is the landmark project of the recently created student-organization, Libertas: the Ateneo Society for the Protection of Civil Liberties (Libertas), and was inspired by and patterned after Atty. Carlos “Chochoy” Medina’s Constitutional Law Grand Recitations.

The Grand Recit, as fondly referred to by Atty. Medina’s former students, was an inter-class competition held before final examinations, which entailed the students to act out roughly 400 cases in the class syllabus and recite the facts, issue and held of each case in order to gain points. Participation in the Grand Recit allowed the students to pull up their recitation grade in proportion to their team’s performance.

Most of the senior members of Libertas were Atty. Medina’s former students who wished to share the same experience with the freshmen. The organizers spoke to and negotiated with Dean Sedfrey Candelaria and the other Constitutional Law 2 professors, namely, Fr. Joaquin Bernas, Atty. Mickey Ingles, Atty. Maita Chan-Gonzaga and Dean Andres Bautista, all of whom agreed to award their students incentives in the event the class wins the Cup. A case list, containing 180 cases on the Bill of Rights, was given to each block close to two weeks before the event. Each block was also tasked to create a block cheer, which if chosen, would merit them an additional five points.

After two and a half hours of intense charades, Block 1C, under the tutelage of Atty. Maita Chan-Gonzaga, emerged victorious with a total of 922 points, including the five points they won for best cheer. Coming in second and third were 1E with 753 points and 1D with 707 points, respectively. Block 1F, unfortunately, eventually chose to sit out the competition.

Atty. Medina, who suffered an aneurism in 2011 but is currently undergoing physical therapy, himself graced the event through a Skype call to his wife, Judge Bea Medina. Towards the end of the Cup, Dean Candelaria delivered a brief message to the participants and the organizers. The teams were judged by Dean Ronald Chua, Atty. Mickey Ingles and JJ Santos (4C), founder and Vice President for External Affairs of Libertas.

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