Delegates from Kyushu University visits ALS in furtherance of the exchange program between the two institutions. Photo from the ALS Administration

Kyushu visits ALS to strengthen partnership

In its second year of partnership with Kyusu University, the Ateneo Law School (ALS) hosted a short-term student exchange program for ten inbound students from the Japan-based institution. This is the second part of the annual inter-university student exchange program between the two schools. Last 15-24 May 2014, five ALS students—comprised of Armand Dulay (4A), Angela Feria (3A), Patricia Geraldez (3B), Phil Recentes (3C), and Zarah Rovero (2A)—were sent to Fukuoka, Japan to participate in the “Re-Inventing Japan Program of Kyushu University,” which focused on cultural and heritage preservation.

This year, the theme of the program is “Heritage and Community.” On their first day, the students, together with Japanese Studies graduates of the Ateneo de Manila University, visited the Philippine Science High School (PSHS). The Kyushu students conducted a workshop on the state of heritage preservation efforts of the Japanese government. They also taught the PSHS students a short course on calligraphy.

The activities on the second day focused on interactions with ALS students. A member of an indigenous group was invited to speak before the Japanese students about the culture and tradition of their ethnic group. There was also a film viewing concerning the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport (APECO), which depicts a domestic struggle between industrialization and cultural preservation. This allowed the foreign visitors to have a more concrete visualization of the differences in cultural and heritage protection between Japan and the Philippines.

The students then had a one-day internship program with the local unit of Toyota, wherein they got immersed on how Philippine culture and heritage influenced Toyota’s business and products in the country.

The exchange program culminated with a tour of Intramuros, one of the Philippines’ prized cultural treasures. The education tour was preceded by a lecture on the recent governmental efforts to revive the historical landmark, delivered by Intramuros Administrator and ALS faculty member, Atty. Marco Luisito Sardillo.

All these efforts are consistent with the administration’s efforts to achieve greater internationalization for the Law School. This coincides with the shift in the Ateneo’s school calendar, which is more in line with international standards. Plans are also underway for a double degree partnership with Kyushu University. To jumpstart the program, some ALS faculty members went to Kyushu last December for guest professorship stints. Atty. Ray Paolo Santiago and Atty. Aris Gulapa taught a few modules on Human Rights and Law & Development, respectively. P

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