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Inton runs unopposed in 1st year batch rep post

Today, the Ateneo Law Batch 2023 will elect their Batch Representative and Antonio Inton from Block 1-B is the lone candidate. Before voting, get to know him first here!

1.  Why did you run for the position of 1st year batch representative?

I ran for 1st year batch representative, because I’ve always been passionate of being able to serve and help others. I want to be able to personally handle their needs and concerns in their everyday life as a student here in Ateneo. As a freshman, I’ve seen pressing concerns that need to be address especially regarding the freshman batch that is why I want to run to make the necessary changes in order to help my batchmates. Essentially, I want my batchmates to feel that someone will be there for them handling their needs.

2. How will your leadership experience help you in your duties and responsibilities should you be elected?

I am confident in my experience as a leader as I can empathize and connect with the people I’m serving. As batch representative, I want my batchmates to see me as someone they can rally behind to voice out their concerns and someone who can provide them the necessary solutions to their problems. My priorities will always involve the batch as I will make it a point to be reachable and available for them. I want them to know that I will always put their best interests forward.

3. After a month in law school, what do you think are the pressing issues do you need to address as batch representative?

The main issue I want to address as batch representative is to ensure the mental, physical, and psychological welfare of my batchmates. I seek to address this issue by giving proper aid for each concern and just simply just being there for them. Another issue I want to address is the apparent concern for one’s academic standing in law school. I plan to help ease the concerns of my batchmates regarding their academics by providing a consolidated database for reviewers, samplex, digests, and tips from upperclassmen for their individual use.

4. What new and specific projects are you going to introduce to your batchmates?

My projects for this year align with having a more informed, interactive, and integrated freshman batch. I will initiate an “Open Channel System”, wherein I will provide the batch a channel of communication that goes both ways and streamlining necessary information directly to them. I will also push for an “End of Term Primer” that will contain a consolidated events and articles that the batch can look back to and enjoy. I also plan to form a “Study-Buddy Program”, wherein the 1st years will get to partner up with the upperclassmen so that they can help each other out while also developing an amicable relationship. Aside from building bridges with other batches, I will provide an avenue for other blocks to interact with each other through a “Inter-Block Fest”, where I’ll host a block-to-block event that they can freely attend. Lastly, I plan to invite speakers and experts to address agendas relevant to us as a batch. I’ll also initiate a “Beadle Mentorship Program” so that we can develop our beadles and form new beadles who want to take on the responsibility. These are just some of the projects I plan to initiate as batch representative this year.

5. What advocacy is close to your heart? Elaborate your stand

My main advocacy is academic excellence. Academics has always been a huge factor to the stress and anxiety of students and is still evident until now. The need to pass and the need to perform will always be there, especially when there are those who expect a lot from us. I want to emphasize this as my advocacy, because our goal when we entered Ateneo is to graduate here and become successful lawyers. Of course, I understand the pressures of law school, however, I believe in the Ateneo way of forming us to become capable individuals and respectable professionals. But I want us to keep in mind that we must take things one step at a time and realize that we don’t need to handle things alone. I want us to continue our journey here in Ateneo as a batch and to have the confidence to take on any challenge moving forward.

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