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To Greater Heights: ALS community gives all-out support for Batch 2018

The Bar Exams is every barrister’s biggest battle; four Sundays of grueling exams encompassing four years’ worth of time and learnings inside the classrooms. Of success and grit – this year’s Bar Examinations have officially come to an end.

As the Ateneo Law School Batch 2018 took their last two exams last Sunday, November 25, triumphant cheers engulfed the atmosphere during the Bar Salubong held at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. Eager parents and friends awaited the barristers’ arrival to express their jubilations. The faculty members and professors present were Dean Jose Maria G. Hofileña, Atty. Mickey Ingles, and Atty. Leo Añonuevo, and Atty. Alberto Agra.

The Bar Salubong started off with the barristers being led into the tennis court where a big water hose drenched them as a sign of finally being able to let loose and let go of all that has been. The Ateneo Law School Blue Babble Battalion also gave an extra boost by playing Ateneo cheers, to which everyone cheered along with.


Photo by Asia Wy

This year’s Bar Salubong was carnival themed – there were gymnasts and acrobats; popcorn and ice scramble carts; a buffet, alcoholic beverages served from 10pm until midnight, and a DJ that played good music. Everyone made sure that Batch 2018 had a blast and had the perfect salubong to cap off their bar month.


Photo by Asia Wy

Dean Hofileña also expressed his warm congratulations to the underbars, and wished them the best of luck. He also thanked the Bar Ops team and the entire Atenean community for best exemplifying the adage of paying it forward.

Once again, congratulations, Batch 2018 – you made it!

Photo by Asia Wy

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