Freshmen vie for victory in Sta. Maria Persons Moot Court Cup

THE ANNUAL Sta. Maria Persons Moot Court Cup kicked-off another successful event with the holding of the competition named after the estmeemed Sta. Maria couple, Dean Melencio and Atty. Amparita—respected professors of Persons and Family relations. The tournament was held last August 23 at the Ateneo Professional Schools Auditorium, and was organized by the Ateneo Law School’s senior students from blocks of 4C and 4D.

Representatives from all freshmen blocks pitted their wits and skills against each other in various rounds of debate on the “Case Concerning the Lowering of the Age of Consent for Marriage to Fourteen Years of Age.” Aside from the distinction of being the Best Team, also up for grabs were awards for Best Memorial and Best Speaker.

Similar to the format of traditional moot court competitions, each freshmen class is represented by three students who argued either for the side of the Applicant or Respondent. The representatives are required to submit their respective memorials to the opposing team prior to the actual oral arguments. On competition day itself, the three speakers, including one for rebuttal, from both teams argue the merits of their position before a panel of judges comprised of members of the academe, lawyers and incumbent judges of Regional Trial Courts.

This year’s competition saw three matches between Block 1A (Respondent) and Block 1D (Applicant), Block 1B (Respondent) and Block 1C (Applicant), Block 1E (Respondent) and Block 1F (Applicant).

In the first match, the judges found for the Respondent and gave the Best Team prize to Block B, whose roster includes Jose Sanchez, Catherine Tang Kim Sin, and Mica Regalado. The judges also awarded Ms. Tang Kim Sin the Best Speaker. Best Memorial was awarded to the applicant Block C comprised of Sean Borja, Laine Aquino and Kevin Yuri Chan.

The second match is also for the Respondent, with Block A, comprised of Paolo Bañadera, Hilary Faye Mercado and Rafael Wright Añover, winning the Best Team award. Meanwhile, Best Speaker was awarded to Lina Maria Domingo of Block D, and her team, including Kevin Catapusan and Rad Andres, received the trophy for Best Memorial.

In the final match of the event, Block F was the sole applicant from all three matches who won the Best Team award. Its members include April Joy Guiang, Alyanna Abellar, Alyanna Ah, with Guiang receiving the Best Speaker Award. Block E won Best Memorial, whose team is comprised of Deo Marciano, Yan Vanslembrouck, Mico Pascual. P

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