Draft ruckus disturbs Rockwell peace

“I DON’T like thinking about it,” replied the shaken law student when asked about the events during the night of 5 June 2014. On that date, patrons of the popular watering hole, Draft Gastropub at the PowerPlant Mall, found that their pesos had bought them more than a pint of Stella.  Unbeknownst to them, they were about to witness one of the most public fights in recent Rockwell history.

According to a source who wanted to remain anonymous, the entire incident began when one of the patrons, allegedly a student from the Ateneo Law School (ALS), took it upon himself to inform another patron, likewise an alleged student, that the latter would have to conclude his merriment within the hour.  Naturally, the second student was not at all pleased with the prospect of being made to leave the establishment merely on the strength of the other’s strong directive.  As a means of addressing his dilemma, the second student reportedly had some of his friends come over to Draft to lend him some support.

The parties of the disturbance—described by the source as “malaki”—assembled at the establishment’s outdoor area and promptly began to address each other in a manner no one would mistake as friendly.

One of Draft’s patrons narrated the events that followed: “There was a bunch of law school dudes in the outside part of Draft at the time […] I hear a lot of shouting and “angasan”and [see] some shoving.  Then the bouncers came and got in between.  But they were still going at it.  Then suddenly some short […] guy throws a punch across the bouncers and that’s when the ruckus escalated and the police came.”

Sources concur that during the fight, which was not a quick affair, a projectile was thrown—reportedly a glass—and a bouncer was consequently hit on the mouth.  Due to the force of the blow, the bouncer’s lip opened and bleeding ensued.  Meanwhile, the fight had escalated to a point where one of the people was being beaten to the side of the door leading to the mall.

All these were happening while the other patrons sat in silence, likely waiting for the proper authorities to come and break the fight up.  Eventually, police and security personnel arrived, which promptly broke up the fight. Since the incident happened, it has been business as usual for Draft.

In response to the incident, an official advisory was issued and circulated by the Office of the Dean. It alleges that the fight was actually between two ALS-based rival factions, the Aquila Legis Fraternity and the Fraternal Order of Utopia. The Dean condemned the violent encounter, saying that “resort to violence to resolve their differences demonstrates the lack of character expected of a future member of the Bar.”

“The ALS Administration condemns this kind of behavior. An immediate thorough investigation of the incident will soon be undertaken by the Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs in order to exact individual and collective responsibility on the part of all those identified to have been involved in the violent incident,” the advisory stated.

Dean Sedfrey Candelaria also encouraged people who can shed light on the incident “to provide further information in order to arrive at an exhaustive investigation.” As of press time, a final determination has yet to be made regarding the incident.  When asked for a comment on the fight and the present situation, both Aquila and Utopia indicated that they have no comment on the matter.

The Draft altercation came on the heels of another alleged hostile encounter between the two fraternities at Grilla Bar, Kalayaan Avenue, just a few days before the start of the semester. These two incidents surprised members of the ALS community, considering the absence of any reported fraternity-related disturbance during the previous school year. P

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