BREAKING NEWS: Massive false Fb accounts surface online; students fight back

In just a span of one night, hundreds of alleged fake and empty Facebook accounts took the identities of the site’s users, mostly students, which include those of the Ateneo Law School.

Most of the false accounts noticeably have no display picture nor cover photo and do not contain a single post. The Facebook URL of the alleged fake accounts would have the first and last names of the legitimate person purported to be copied and suffixed with a random number.

The first of the countless reports of fake Facebook accounts were those taking after the identities of the seven students who were detained after staging a protest in University of the Philippines Cebu against the pending Anti-Terror Bill. It was then alerted that many students in general had their accounts unwarrantedly duplicated.

Del Fajardo, a student of Block 2D of the Ateneo Law School reported that there were three different Facebook accounts which used her name.

“I was scared because my identity is involved here. I was scared that maybe the creator of the fake accounts would spread false information or would commit cybercrimes using accounts pretending to be us. They’re using our identities to conceal theirs,” Fajardo said.

Furthermore, Shik Castillo, co-beadle of 2D, consolidated all false accounts of the said block and found more than 60 fake accounts, purporting to identities of only around 20 law students, as of this writing. More than half of the fake accounts were suspended after massive reporting.

The law school administration has also alerted the Information Technology Resource Management Office (ITRMO) and the University Data Privacy Office (UDPO) who will do a review of the security status and configuration of the school’s systems.

As of now, the most effective way to suppress the fake accounts is through reporting, and so far, it has slowly suspended the alleged fake accounts.

How can the fake accounts be reported?

1) Go to the profile of the fake account
– If you cannot find it, try searching for the name used on the profile or asking your friends if they can send you a link to it. Click the 3 dots under the cover photo and select Find Support or Report Profile
2) Click “Pretending to be someone”
3) Click “Me” or “A friend
– Type friend’s name and click friend’s profile if you are reporting for your friend
– DO NOT CLICK DONE! (This is the important step!)
4) Click “Report Profile (submit your Facebook for review)
5) Click “Continue anyway”
6) Tick box on “I believe this goes against Facebook’s community standards”
7) Click “Report”
8) Click “Next”
9) Click “Done”

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