The student access module page of the Ateneo Law School website has been hacked anew.

ALS website hacked anew

For the second time this year, the website of the Ateneo Law School became the victim of a cyber attack.

This time around, the individual accounts of the student and faculty access modules have been compromised. A website called has listed the login details of the students and faculty members, including their usernames and passwords. More than a thousand accounts were listed on the site, with some dating back to the early 2000s.

As a security precaution, the ALS Student Council has urged students to change their passwords. This will ensure the confidentiality of information contained in the students’ personal accounts.

This incident was not the first time that the ALS website has been hacked. In 02 March 2014, the student access login page of the website became the target of hackers opposing the Cyber Crime Law. Instead of loading the account information of the students, an unsanctioned image prompts the user upon typing the URL of the page. The photo includes the words “NO TO CYBER CRIME LAW” superimposed on a large image of a handprint.

Back then, the hackers already gave a warning as regards the vulnerability of the ALS website to malicious attacks. It contained a message advising the site administrator to “patch” it immediately. In addition, they provided information regarding their identities, mentioned several aliases, as well as a Facebook page which can be used to contact them. Near the bottom of the photo, a disclaimer was stated, assuring the user that they did not read, update, nor delete any of the files.

Whether the latest hack is connected to the previous incident has yet to be determined. It is also unclear if the ALS administration or the administrator of the website already made steps to improve the site’s security.

UPDATE: As of 4:30 PM, the website has already been taken down to prevent further access to its contents. P

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