Law Students who were sent to Kyushu to represent Ateneo Law School. Photo from the Kyushu University website.

ALS students rediscover Japan’s cultural heritage in Kyushu University

“REINVENTING Japan” was Kyushu University’s theme for the short-term cultural exchange with different Asian universities, including the Ateneo de Manila University School of Law. Armand Dulay (4A), Angela Feria (3A), Philip Recentes (3C), Patricia Geraldez (3B), and Zara Rovero (2A) visited Japan last 15 May 2014 for nine days to immerse in a cultural exchange in the southern Fukuoka region of Japan.

Students taking up Japanese studies in Chulalongkorn University and the National University of Singapore also participated in the cultural exchange. This event is the second year of a five-year partnership with Kyushu University. The program consists of a short-term cultural exchange, a semestral exchange and a Master of Laws program. The Ateneo representatives participated in the short-term cultural exchange.

In an interview with Student Council President Dulay, he stated that the purpose of the program was to preserve the tradition and culture of Japan, despite the fast-paced development and modernity that are transpiring in the country. The students were briefed on a case to be filed in court, seeking to prohibit the creation of a modern bridge. This was because the locals wanted to preserve the 400-year old village that withstood the test of time.

The Ateneans also toured Hiroshima and Kumamoto, the cultural epicenter of Japan. They were shown the significance of certain cultural practices, such as the importance of masks in Japanese culture.

Ateneo will continue its partnership with Kyushu University, and will send student-representatives of the school in the upcoming years. The exchange seeks to establish stronger cultural ties amongst the different Asian countries. P

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