ALS implements “Pass/ No Mark” system amidst pandemic

While the COVID-19 crisis, in a global scale, continues to disrupt everybody’s daily lives into disarray—forcing everybody to stay in their homes, observe extraordinary health measures and find other means to survive—law schools all around the country have been formulating temporary academic reforms to push with finishing the semester and the Ateneo Law School has just released its adjustments today.

In a memorandum addressed to the community, Ateneo Law School Dean Joey Hofileña conveyed the law school administration’s new class and grading policies regarding the pandemic-affected- second semester.

The highlights of the new policies are the following:

Academic Instruction · The mode of instruction will remain asynchronous or that which will enable the ALS students to study in their own pace.

· Professors will also provide consultations and even the relevant reading materials covering the entire syllabus.

Online Assessment · Online activities such as quizzes, papers shall be commenced on May 1, 2020.

· Professors must ascertain any special problems or constraints for any student

Final Grades · The basis of grades will be:

o Class standing prior to the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (Mar. 16, 2020)

o Performance on online assessment activities

o Final exams, as applicable

· The official final grades shall be “P” (Pass) or “NM” (No Mark)

· No student will be dismissed on account of an “NM” mark but shall repeat the subject/s in which NM was obtained

· Students who are not on probation but will obtain an NM in any subject will not be placed on probation in the next succeeding semester

· Students currently on probation who will obtain an NM in any subject will not be dismissed but will continue to be on probationary status in the next succeeding semester.

· No final numerical grades will appear on the official Transcript of Records

Final Exams · Final exams will be conducted onsite except if any restrictions prevent such,   online modes or platforms shall be administered.

· The following exams shall be mandatory and those not mentioned shall be optional at the discretion of the professor concerned:

o First Year:

1) Constitutional Law II

2) Criminal Law II

3) Obligations and Contracts

o Second Year

1) Administrative Law, Law on Public Officers and Election Law

2) Civil Procedur

3) Corporation Law

3) Legal Ethic

4) Public Corporation

5) Public International Law

6) Taxation I

o Third Year

1) Conflict of Laws

2) Evidence

3) Labor law II

4) Special Proceedings

5) Taxation II

o Fourth Year

1) Civil Law Review II

2) Commercial Law Review

3) Labor Law Review

4) Remedial Law Review

To reiterate, the “P/ NM” system shall be implemented where current academic status shall be retained which means that no student shall be dismissed based on an “NM” mark. Either the student shall earn the required units through a “P” or repeat the subject if given an “NM”.

Not all subjects will have a mandatory exam and the exam will be onsite except if circumstances shall not allow, online exams shall be administered.

The copy of the full memo can be found here:

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