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ALS to implement curriculum adjustments and Bar preparation programs

THIS academic year’s calendar shift is not the only thing new in the Ateneo Law School (ALS). The administration has introduced a number of reforms to the curriculum and has implemented new programs and activities to promote better preparedness among students for the upcoming and succeeding bar exams.

Curriculum modifications

According to ALS Dean Sedfrey Candelaria, curriculum modifications for the year include the classification of a number of electives as required subjects for the purpose of augmenting particular splintered courses. This includes making Special Penal Law a mandatory subject, which was previously only a one-unit elective course to aid Criminal Law. There is also an adjustment under the Commercial Law department as Intellectual Property will now become part of the core subjects. Another modification concerns the three-unit subject Administrative Law, Law on Public Officers, Public Corporation and Election Laws, which will be modified to create Administrative Law and Law on Public Officers, a separate two-unit subject from Public Corporation and Election Laws, another two-unit subject.

Bar preparedness

In preparation of the November Bar Examinations for this year, the ALS organized a whole gamut of activities to cater specially to the barristers. This year, the Mock Bar was instituted for the first time to test the preparedness of the barristers. It was scheduled on the last two Sundays of August and the first two Sundays of September. This was accomplished through the active participation of not only the student body but the faculty as well, members of which drafted the exams and reviewers.

Another program introduced this year is the activity entitled “Brown Bag Session.” This is a special session for the examiners from the past years who will be discussing with the present batch of barristers. This will be held every Saturday for eight Saturdays between August and September. Talking about the purpose of the Brown Bag Session, Dean Candelaria said, “This is our way of trying to shepherd them.”

The preparation for the bar is an extensive process that begins from the first day in law school. For this, the administration is likewise involved in monitoring the students’ academic and non-academic performance as they grow from Freshmen to Seniors through a more active Advisership System, in which each block is assigned a professor who will serve as its adviser. Also, according to Dean Candelaria, there are orders to the professors to be stricter to make sure that students are going back to the fundamentals. P

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