ACP enlistment hits snafu

There seems to be no end to the enlistment woes of Ateneans.

Early tonight, a technical glitch muddled the online enlistment for the Alternative Class Program (ACP) scheduled on January 29, 2015. The website used for the enlistment became inaccessible to users just minutes after the link was posted on the Facebook page of the Ateneo Law School Student Council (SC).

The website might have crashed due to the influx of students who tried to access the site. As per the directive of Dean Sedfrey Candelaria, attendance to at least one ACP class is mandatory for all ALS students, in lieu of regular classes that day. There are roughly around 800 students currently enrolled in ALS.

As of posting, enlistment, which began at 8:00 PM, has been temporarily suspended until further notice. It was scheduled to resume at 9:15 PM, with an upgraded capacity for the website. However, after encountering the same problem, the SC has decided to postpone the process indefinitely. Students who were able to successfully enrol will get to keep their slots. The SC will send a text message to those whose slots are already confirmed.

Many students have echoed their grievances, given that the enlistment was scheduled three days before the midterm examinations. The ACP itself will be held the day after the end of the exams week.

Online enlistment has been a perennial problem of Ateneans. Enlistment for electives every semester in ALS–and even in the Loyola Schools–is marred by numerous technical problems. These range from the incongruence in the number of slots offered, to the delay of the site’s accessibility. Since then, the administration and the SC have been doing steps, albeit manually, to address the issue.

Revived this academic year, the ACP is a project of the SC aimed at providing nontraditional venues of learning–a welcome break from the usual demands of law school education. There is a wide variety of classes offered, including music and the arts, physical fitness, food, and personal development.

The SC has already issued its apology for those inconvenienced by the current glitch. P

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