Photo from Jonathan Mendoza

34 firms and offices join ALS Career Fair

The Ateneo Law School grounds was filled with numerous lawyers from different government agencies, nongovernmental organizations and law firms who seek to recruit and provide opportunities for internship, under bar programs and job positions to Ateneo Law School (ALS) students during the ALS Career Fair.

The Career Fair was held for two weeks and the event stood by its theme, Ad Maiora, which means “towards greater things” as it introduced new activities such as Mock Interviews and CV coaching which intended to prepare the law students for their applications. The event also gave free USB flash drive for the students of Batch 2022 who are set to do their internship program this summer.

“Not everyone can get such important prospective mentors and employers—spanning the full range from private practice to public service—to set aside what would otherwise be expensive hours from their already punishing work schedules to seek out and woo them. Unless, of course, they are absolutely worth it. And that’s why they will be here for you,” Dean Joey Hofileña said.

Photo from Jonathan Mendoza

The event also started with a tracking talk, courtesy of the Ateneo Law School administration where the incoming third year students were oriented about the tracking program of Ateneo’s Juris Doctor curriculum. Ad Maiora concluded with the Socials Night where the students got to talk to the different lawyers and had the chance to know more about their firms.

“Ad Maiora is dedicated to all our batchmates who chose and are in a different path right now and to our batchmates who fight for another semester everyday — our team will always cheer for you, Towards Greater Things, Batch 2022!” said Shikyna Castillo, project head.

“Our measure of success is whether we were able to provide more opportunities to the students, and I think, we did — more firm and government options and more activities to participate to,” she added.

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