There’s Money on His Mind

It’s chess not checkers.

Mayweather, the wily boxing vet and master of point fighting, just won by TKO over McGregor. It was refreshing to see Money walk forward forearm to forearm with his opponent behind a peek-a-boo guard. The TMT signature shoulder roll had very little use as Mayweather delivered on his promise to fight on the offensive.

The first three rounds were decisively McGregor’s as evidenced by those beautifully clean uppercuts that landed into Mayweather’s chin. McGregor was also in full control of distance, using an awkward jab from the elbow to consistently disturb his opponent’s balance. All Mayweather landed was a handful of straight rights into the retreating McGregor’s midsection and a few counter rights to the left side of the face when a lack of punching form was evident.

And then fatigue set in.

The straight rights to the gut seemed to start paying off past the 3rd round tiring the target more and more by the minute. Conor started fighting with less fire from the 4th leaving himself open to counter rights to the head thrown over his jab. The swift jabbing from the Irishman turned into pawing thrusts from the 5th frame as Mayweather’s only opposition came from the signature left straight which he managed to catch with his shoulder or his guard.

It was the end of the 6th which signalled the end for Conor as Mayweather shifted gears and those watching the fight saw something amazing.

The Notorious’ stance switching, side stepping, and counterpunching stopped. Laser-like rights came in from above the unguarded jabs and under the reaching crosses. Interrupted only by a lone counter to the body from McGregor that saw Mayweather backing up, it slowly became a boxing master class.

Every time Conor would decide to hit hard, Mayweather would put up his defense and every time those hits came out slow, it was severely punished. This would tire out any seasoned boxer; let alone a first time MMA convert. Everyone but McGregor could see him heaving for air. The man was running on heart.

The death knell sounded on the 10th as 2 rounds of consecutive dominance led to Conor’s dropping arms and spaghetti legs. Mayweather’s last hurrah left fans ecstatic as MoneyMay faded and Prettyboy Floyd came to finish the fight. Those right hands must have been laser guided and those jabs must have been powered by rockets. Conor couldn’t take much more and the referee seemed to sense it.

The onslaught was waived off before any more damage was done and each man showed respect at the last bell of what was an amazing 50-0 career.

Each man being 100 million dollars richer, the wasteful spectacle was finally at a close. On to GGG v Canelo on September 16. Now THAT is a real fight. P

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Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor photos

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