The Second Home: New Coffee Places Around School

Coffee shops, they have a special place in the hearts of law students. To others, it is a place to enjoy a good book, converse with friends, or even slow life’s pace down. However, to students of the law, coffee shops have become a favored destination to take on the daily grind. They serve as a home away from home where one can just sit down and study. And with the recent spike in demand for coffee joints (thanks to the third-wave coffee appreciation trend), the coffee scene around school has blossomed into something pretty great. What follows is a list of new establishments which add to the options of those looking for new places to grind it out.


Starting off this list is the newest kid on the block, OTO, a new concept bar in Poblacion geared towards offering hand-crafted cocktails, specialty coffee, and kickass beats. According to its owner, David Ong, he and his friends wanted to open a bar that was focused on the music. The result is a space which revolves around providing the ultimate listening experience to its patrons.

The uniqueness of OTO is apparent upon entering its doors, showcasing sleek and functional interiors, a turntable system boasting massive speakers, and a curated playlist to boot. OTO is a haven for those who enjoy studying while having their eardrums pampered with handpicked tracks. And after a long sit down with the law, students can choose to reward themselves by heading to OTO’s bar and asking the night’s designated bar tender for any of their signature cocktails.

So those looking for bites, brews, booze, and beats should check out OTO along Enriquez St., Poblacion.

Bucky’s Poblacion

Next on the list is Bucky’s, a small neighborhood café located along the cramped, yet charming Don Pedro St. of Poblacion, Makati. Primarily known for their “not a brownie” treats, co-owners Justin Golangco and Miguel Vargas were able to create a restaurant which playfully combine good food, and even better desserts.

Aesthetics-wise, Bucky’s semi-deconstructed interiors, highlighted by wooden accents and yellow walls, give it a warm and cozy vibe. And given how intimate the space is, students can sit down and focus on their daily readings without worrying about heavy foot traffic. It also doesn’t hurt that Bucky’s is surrounded by a wide variety of restaurants offering different types of cuisines. From Slow-smoked ribs, to unique Filipino cocktails, there is a bevy of choices for those who feel the urge to try something new.

Bucky’s is perfect for dessert-lovers looking for a quiet place to hunker down and spend their mornings buried in the law.

Bean & Yolk

This next study spot is a hole-in-the-wall café which offers a pretty unique menu. While being the smallest café on the list, Bean & Yolk manages to stand-out because of two things; Coffee and Eggs. Basically everything on their menu revolves around either their specialty coffee or egg-centric cuisine. Those looking to visit Bean & Yolk can treat themselves to any of its distinct breakfast dishes while enjoying a view of the busy streets through their glass window.

Also, with single-origin beans sourced from Brazil, patrons can expect any one of the café’s coffee drinks to be well-crafted. So those wanting an all-day breakfast or brunch experience can find Bean & Yolk along Polaris St., Poblacion.

Single Origin

Moving away from Poblacion and focusing on the Rockwell area, an establishment which is quickly becoming a crowd-favorite among law students is Single Origin. The place gives off a very urbanesque vibe with spacious wooden tables and varying types of comfy seats strewn across its floor space. As opposed to the first three entrants, Single Origin is more of a gastropub than a café.

The food menu alone features a plethora of options, offering more than 60 dishes to explore. Also, Single Origin caters to both coffee and alcohol lovers alike with their premium single origin beans and selection of imported craft beers and wines. As a study spot, students can expect spacious tables, quality service from the staff, and a delightful menu that throws everything but the kitchen sink at them.

Eight Coffee Bar

Last on the list is a coffee locale located in the heart of Rockwell and comes as a direct result of the collaboration between the Rockwell and UCC Ueshima Coffee group. With two premier companies as its parents, it is no surprise that the Eight Coffee Bar exudes class and elegance at every corner. The moment one begins ascending the escalators leading up to its location, patrons can already feel the aura of UCC’s newest coffee joint.

With an eclectic mix of couches, ornaments, and beautiful interiors, Eight Coffee Bar is more akin to a lounge than a café. The place makes for a good study spot once the foot traffic dies down and after sampling any one of the establishment’s local or international coffee offerings, those looking for a perfect night cap can avail of the bar’s unlimited Sangria (Yes, you read the unlimited part right).

Given its proximity to school, the distinct atmosphere, and coffee sourced from all over the globe, Eight Coffee Bar by UCC seems to be the new preferred study spot in Rockwell. Coffee aficionados or students who want to try this new venue can find it on the 2nd floor of the Eight Rockwell building, right across school. P

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