Balance. Balance is a momentous word most law students throw around almost nonchalantly. Men and women of the law are big on highlighting the need for balance – work hard, play hard. But how exactly do Ateneans keep their sanity – errr, balance?

Why we do study hard and unwind hard.

The Palladium presents OrGalore.
Get to know the numerous organizations you can join in law school.
Stay well-rounded, continue doing what you love, pursue other interests, and remain sane and happy by joining different orgs.

Go on, take your pick.


Ateneo Society of International Law (ASIL)Teehankee Center for the Rule of Law (TCRL)Bernas CenterAteneo Human Rights Center (AHRC)Ateneo Law School ChoirKAPWAPLAYSALSAEnvironmental Law Society of Ateneo (ELSA)Ateneo Society for the Protection of Civil Liberties (LIBERTAS)St. Thomas More Debate and Advocacy Society (STM)Ateneo Law Business Association (ALBA)More Orgs To Follow

ASIL Header

What is ASIL?

The Ateneo Society of International Law (ASIL) is the sole administrator of International Law moot court competitions representing the Ateneo Law School. For more than a decade, the organization has garnered several local and international awards for its members’ mooting excellence. Beyond these competitions, ASIL is a dedicated community of resident members and alumni who are passionate about International Law beyond what is taught in the four corners of the classroom.

Why should I join ASIL?
As the official representative of Ateneo Law to moot court competitions here and abroad, ASIL actively recruits and trains law students from all year levels to become competitive mooters. Members are given the opportunity to train their written and oral advocacy skills, and showcase these talents against students from other law schools in and out of the country.

Three major activities for the year
  • Various national and international moot court competitions
  • The PALS-ASIL Moot Court Boot Camp
  • 2016 ASIL Bar Operations

THK Logo

What is TCRL?
The Teehankee Center for the Rule of Law (TCRL) aims to be the leader and central repository of rule of law studies not only in the Philippines but also in the ASEAN Region and beyond. As primarily a think tank and research organization, the TCRL anchors itself on three foundational Rule of Law Pillars relating to (1) Good Governance, (2) the Private Sector, and (3) Sustainable Development. This is in accordance with the tenets enshrined in the ‘Wall of Inspiration’ inscribed at the fourth floor of the law school.

Why should I join TCRL?
The TCRL is a research organization aimed at promoting the Rule of Law. We conduct research on diverse topics, from International Law topics such as the West Philippine Sea dispute to controversial topics such as the legalization of medicinal marijuana. We bring distinguished people from the private sector and government to talk about relevant issues in society today, bringing impact to our events and forums. Lastly, we have a large org room conducive to learning at the 4th floor, open especially to TCRL members.

Three major activities for the year
  • Teehankee Center for the Rule of Law National Moot Court Competition
  • Teehankee Center Summer Internship Program
  • First Ateneo Trade Policy Forum


What is Bernas Center?
The Bernas Center is an org of student volunteers that help out with various activities involving the legal profession.

Why should I join Bernas Center?
Joining the Bernas Center lets you mingle with the various people in the legal profession. We do this through assisting in MCLE classes, working directly with law firms, serving as the “political think tank” of the Ateneo Law School, and by creating projects development of the legal profession.

Three major activities for the year
  • Ruminations – yearly publication
  • Lecture Series – Constitution related
  • MCLE – official volunteer corps

AHRC logo

What is AHRC?
The Ateneo Human Rights Center (AHRC) is a university-based institution engaged in the promotion and protection of human rights in the Philippines. It was formed in 1986 and is an auxiliary unit of the Ateneo Law School. The Ateneo Human Rights Center’s (AHRC) main areas of work include human rights training and education of law students and other sectors; promotion and protection of the rights of marginalized groups, including children, women, migrant workers, and indigenous peoples; development of ASEAN human rights mechanisms; research, publication, curriculum development, legislative advocacy, and policy initiatives on human rights. Visit our website for more information.

Why should I join AHRC?
Join AHRC:
  • To get a glimpse of the lives of real people behind the cases we encounter everyday and even have a hand in making justice accessible for victims of human rights violations.
  • To have an opportunity to forward your advocacy (i.e. gender equality, environment, children’s rights, indigenous peoples, detainees, etc.) and even find a platform for you to speak out and empower our society.
  • To become a part of a family grounded upon and molded by the values and principles of upholding the rule of law, good governance, and human rights.
Three major activities for the year
  • Summer Internship Program (SIP)
  • Semestral Break Internship Program (SBIP)
  • Activities of the following Desks throughout the year:
    • Adhikain para sa Karapatang Pambata (AKAP) – Children’s Rights Desk
    • Urduja – Women’s Desk
    • Katutubo – Indigenous People’s Desk
    • ASEAN Working Group

ALS Choir Logo Transparent

What is Ateneo Law School Choir?
The Ateneo Law School Choir is a family of law students with a passion for service and with hearts set on God. It aims to provide, through the gift of music, an inclusive space for individuals who seek sanctuary from the daily rigors of law school life.

“Serving for a Greater purpose.”

Why should I join the Ateneo Law School Choir?
Because we are not only an organization, we are a family. Our family is talented, amazing and inspiring and so you will feel at home and safe amidst the terrors of law school. Also, we serve for a greater Purpose; and that is to serve for God. We aim to provide, through the gift of music, an inclusive space for individuals who seek sanctuary from the daily rigors of law school life.

Three major activities for the year
  • Annual ALS Choir caroling
  • Night of the Arts 2017
  • ALS Graduation

Kapwa Logo

What is KAPWA?
KAPWA is a social response organization of the Ateneo Law School comprised of Ateneo Law students who desire to spread the spirit of service to others. Its aim is to involve the students in activities around the Philippines that will help others lead better lives. Part of its goal is to create sustainable development in society by providing help to the needy, education, funds for good causes, and social services.

KAPWA puts values as its driving force to create groups involved in social missions to reduce poverty and discomfort in society. The organization’s projects shall engage activities geared to form men and women for others in line with the Ignatian spirit.

Why should I join KAPWA?
Joining Kapwa will be a venue for students to learn what the situation really is on the ground and to reach out to the less privileged stratus of society. We bring the students closer to our needy fellowmen such as children from orphanages and those who are victims of calamities. We also contribute to the mission of the Ateneo Law School, that is, to “learn the law and serve the people” by using opportunities laid out in law school to raise funds and to use these funds to address the needs of the people around us. This way, Kapwa members are actively learning the law while also looking for avenues to serve the people.

Three major activities for the year
  • Honesty Store
  • International Children’s Rights Day Project (November 20)
  • Outreach Programs:
    • Christmas Outreach Program with A-HA! (Angels Here Abound) Learning Center
    • Year-End Outreach Program


What is PLAY?
PLAY is the board- and video- game organization of the Ateneo Law School. We are an open and friendly organization where students can learn new games, play old ones, make friends, find PLAYmates, or just relax and unwind in-between our studies and requirements. We believe that good academics can be balanced with responsible gaming.

Why should I join PLAY?
Studying law and playing games are not mutually exclusive. If you feel like you need a break from the rush of from law school, you can go to PLAY to just chill and play games.

Three major activities for the year
  • Board Game Nights
  • Online Gaming Communities (Steam, DOTA2, etc.)
  • PLAY+ (Teaching board games to cancer kids in partnership with Kythe A+)

Salsa Logo

What is SALSA?
SALSA is the premier dance organization of the Ateneo Law School. It is composed of a group of fun-loving individuals who all share the same passion for the art of dance in whatever style. Salsa aims to be an avenue for Ateneo Law students to destress and express themselves through dance amidst the daily grind of law school.

Why should I join SALSA?
Because we provide a fun loving atmosphere for anyone who loves dancing as much as we do. We welcome everyone who has the passion for dancing. It does not matter whether our members are trained dancers or not because what matters to us is that our members experience the joy of expressing themselves through dance.  

Two major activities for the year
  • Night of the Arts (NOTA)
  • ALS Staff Christmas Party

elsa logo

What is ELSA?
ELSA is the first law school based environmental organization in the Philippines. It aims to produce advocates of environmental justice and sustainable development by equipping them with the proper legal tools and exposing them to actual environmental issues. It also promotes environmental appreciation by creating avenues to experience nature firsthand.

Why should I join ELSA?
We provide opportunities for discourse on realities such as climate change and pollution. We travel beyond the walls of the classroom and explore nature for what it really is in the great outdoors.

Three major activities for the year
  • ELSA Amazing Race
  • Sea Camp (Environmental Lecture and Pawikan Release)
  • Paper Drive

Libertas Logo

The Ateneo Society for the Protection of Civil Liberties (LIBERTAS) envisions itself as a society of like-minded Ateneo law students who share a common passion for the promotion and protection of the basic civil liberties inherent in all persons.

Why should I join the LIBERTAS?
Recently, basic civil liberties in our society are being challenged by the actions and policies of the newly-elected administration. It is our task as students of the law and as Filipinos to be aware of our liberties and learn how to promote and protect these liberties not just for ourselves but for the Filipino community as well.

The members of LIBERTAS aim to channel this passion into fostering awareness and advocating for a richer realization of those liberties particularly enshrined in the Bill of Rights of the Philippine Constitution. LIBERTAS seeks to nurture advocates who believe in the sanctity of fundamental societal freedoms and are willing to take action to safeguard these same freedoms from unjust interference, from the government or otherwise.

Three major activities for the year
  • Medina Cup
  • SONA Analysis Forum
  • Exposure Trips

Debate Society

What is STM?
The St. Thomas More Debate and Advocacy Society (STM) is the Ateneo Law School’s premier debate organization. Established in the 90s and named after the patron saint of statesmen, STM is guided by its mission to help its members strengthen their skills in debate, oral and written advocacy, and trial practice. STM members engage in debate activities and competitions that enable them to hone their skills as advocates and citizens.

Why should I join STM?
STM provides a platform for the ALS students to strengthen their analytical and communication skills. Its members are a wide variety of debaters and non-debaters alike, all working for STM’s advocacy of promoting the rule of law. STM has training and public speaking seminars for debaters and advocacy programs for non-debaters.

Three major activities for the year
  • The Commission on Human Rights Debate Competition (CHR Cup)
  • The Supreme Court Debate
  • ANC Square-Off

alba logo

What is ALBA?
There are no two worlds more rife with competition, strategy, and edge – business and law make for a killer combination, one that blends the rigors of study with the heights of the corporate ladder. And in the law school, there is no better place to learn to navigate both fields than in ALBA – the Ateneo Law Business Association. ALBA is the law school’s premier business law organization, which focuses on equipping its members with the knowledge and skills they need to wade into the waters of corporate law. It is an organization where discourse on business developments, start-ups, conglomerates, small and medium enterprises, finance, investments, and many more thrive, all while the law continues to take center stage.

Why should I join the ALBA?
ALBA gives its members the opportunity to learn the language of business side by side with the language of the law. Students who join ALBA will get the chance to learn how the law affects business, and vice versa, all while meeting new friends with similar interests. ALBA also gives students the chance to discover how the use of both business and law can make for a better Philippines, particularly through ALBA’s activities.

Three major activities for the year
  • Start-Up
  • Think you have what it takes to make it to big in the business world? This simulation will help you find out! Start-Up is the batch application process to get into ALBA, and is one of the many ways that ALBA promotes an innovative way of looking and creating businesses. In this unique application process, applicants are divided into teams and given their own start-up capital. “Within a given period, each group is expected to find the best way to grow their start-up fund – whether this be by investing in securities, by selling their very own products, or by any other means. The team that is able to accumulate higher returns on their fund wins.

  • Suit Up!
  • The business of lawyering is tough in itself, but with a little advice, one just might manage. In this talk, participants will the business side of the legal profession – what it takes to run a firm, to manage lawyers and administrative staff, and to engage in healthy competition in the legal field.

  • Synergy: A Talk on Essential Legal Knowledge for Business Start-Ups
  • Those who foray for the first time in the business world are likely to be very lost indeed, especially when they encounter the many ways by which the law regulates enterprises. Through this talk, ALBA aims to equip newly minted entrepreneurs with the legal knowhow they need to set up, register, and run their businesses.

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