What makes Choi and Ge such an inspiring couple is that they are not afraid to be different from each other. Photos by Denise Sales

Opposites attract: Choi Kapunan and Ge Garcia

He is the quintessential tough guy. She is the sweet and sassy girly girl. On the one hand, his idea of a good time is being active in sports—from soccer to boxing to Crossfit. On the other hand, she would rather spend her time reading through her favorite novels. Indeed, Choi and Ge could not be more different. Yet, despite being polar opposites, Choi and Ge make it work.

Just to show how different they are, Choi and Ge even have conflicting stories of how they met. Choi says that everything was coincidental the night they were first introduced by a common friend somewhere at The Fort. Meanwhile, Ge swears that Choi planned everything for them to be introduced that night. Whichever version of the story is true, Choi won Ge over by not minding her (yup, you read that right). He didn’t text her until two weeks after their first meeting. After they started texting, Choi immediately made a move by asking her out on a “study date”. Ge, being the night owl that she is, however, fell asleep and woke up late for their “study date.” They ended up having dinner instead and the rest, as they say, is history.

Choi and Ge admit that having a lot of common friends helped their relationship. Their first few dates were not as awkward, as they were also in the company of their other friends; things just ran its course. Because they come from different batches, there are still days that Choi and Ge don’t see each other even if they are studying in the same school. Hence, they really make an effort to hang out and see each other on weekends by going to different places and trying out new restaurants together.

When asked if being in law school helps their relationship, Ge immediately answers that she does not think so. Choi, being a batch above Ge, would normally give her study tips but she would never listen. Choi says Ge doesn’t need his tips anyway because his girlfriend is a consistent Dean’s Lister, something that he is really proud of.

On a deeper level, however, they both think that being in law school is helpful in a sense that they both understand what the other person is going through. They share that the cardinal rule in their relationship during exams week is “Bawal mag-away”. They also say that patience is of utmost importance when you are in a relationship in law school because everyone has his or her bad recit days and you just have to always be there for your partner.

Another reason that makes their relationship click is that, despite being opposites, they learn from each other. Ge grew up in a family composed of mostly girls while the opposite is true for Choi. Being together allows them to experience new things and that is what keeps their relationship interesting. They say that the secret lies in trying to do the things that your partner is interested in. “Try” being the operative word because, being your own individuals, it is never certain that you too would love what your partner does–but that is okay.

Ultimately, what makes Choi and Ge such an inspiring couple is that they are not afraid to be different from each other. That, and being each other’s teacher, is definitely what makes this couple one of a kind. P

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