Mike Villanueva. Photo by Ram Cusipag

Electus 2015: Mike Villanueva for Internal Vice-President

What do you think is the main problem that the law school community is facing now and how would you address it?

A main problem would be the lack of due process with regard to the decisions of the Admin which affect the students. An example would be the sudden prohibition of the food stalls and fundraising activities in Titanic without any consultation with the students. There is no doubt that such decision can be made. However, an opportunity to consult with the students and to reach a possible compromise would have been desired.

I will address the problem by raising this to the faculty in the upcoming Jesuit Legal Education Program where leaders of the different organizations, beadles, present and future Student Council members, and the faculty will meet and discuss school-related matters.

What is one idea that you would like the student council to implement next year?

I would like to have fully encouraged or organized Inter-Org projects. I believe this will drastically improve not only the relationship between the Organizations, but also make it possible to organize bigger events in more efficiently.

How will your projects adjust to next school year’s calendar shift?

The dates of the projects will simply be moved to a different date. But this will serve as a very rare opportunity for the Student Council to re-evaluate the dates of each project. For example, should the Night of Arts really be at the end of the second semester or will it be better to hold it at an earlier date.

Got questions for Mike? Send your questions to or submit them to and have them answered on Thursday night’s Miting de Avance at Justitia. Follow us on Twitter @ThePalladiumALS for live tweets! P

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