Frankie Alba. Photo by Ram Cusipag

Electus 2015: Frankie Alba for 2nd Year Batch Representative

What do you think is the main problem that the law school community is facing now and how would you address it?

The main problem facing the incoming second year students would be the calendar shift and curriculum enhancement. These are unfamiliar territories and I have projects in store that would help guide the batch through this unique transition. First, I aim to provide activities during the summer that will help the sophomores with their formation as future lawyers. Also, I aim to provide the batch with more orientation seminars on the curriculum enhancement. The purpose of this is to help the students make an informed decision regarding the track they will eventually choose, along as understand the procedures and processes related to this.

What is one idea that you would like the student council to implement next year?

I would push that the student council would provide support for the transition from 1st year to 2nd year. Many have expressed concern over the transition from having only three major subjects to eight. I want to provide preliminary lectures of the 2nd year subjects over the summer for the sophomores to help with this adjustment. Moreover, additional support will be given through the updating and improvement of the samplex database. I aim to so specifically by providing more sample exams and blue books to the said database, as at present, there are still some subjects that are missing from our samplex bank.

How will your projects adjust to next school year’s calendar shift?

The calendar shift is actually the main concern I want to address in my platform. The incoming sophomores would have four months as their summer break, and we are in the unenviable position of not being allowed to take advance classes nor have our mandatory internships credited. For me, this should not stop us from making the most of this time, and being productive, while enjoying what we are doing. I propose three projects: Preliminary lectures, internship hours and a sports liga. I have met alumni from ALS and I’m pleased to say that they have expressed interest in providing lectures on several classes next semester. The Ateneo Legal Aid Center might also be able to provide internship hours, and I will do my best to ask them to be an avenue for us to learn the law and apply it in practice.  Lastly, I plan on providing weekly sports event for the sophomores during the summer break. All these should ensure that we truly make the most of this long summer, as well as prepare us not only for second year, but for our futures as lawyers and leaders.

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