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Electus 2015: Crissel Tamondong for Secretary-General

What do you think is the main problem that the law school community is facing now and how would you address it?

In my two years here in the law school, I have observed that the main problem we are facing is our lack in going beyond what is expected of us. There is a tendency of being individualistic because of the pressure of law school’s demands. This can be seen in the difficulty in getting people involved in different school activities like org events and school talks unless there is a grade incentive. While I recognize that as students, our own curricular requirements and activities should be prioritized, I also see the importance in participating in other involvements especially as a community. For example, if we work really well together as a unit for the Central Bar Operations, the benefit would be for everyone. 

To address this, I want to invest in systematized communications. I see the law school as a fortified unit if there is a proper and more convenient way of communication between and among its stakeholders– the students, the administration even employees and personnel. If we are a fortified unit, we can achieve so much more. This would be possible if there are systems and organized records of communications and transactions. 

Some ways to address this is having a strengthened grievance system. There will be an online form where students can send their grievances, to be classified whether administrative or batch-related for easier coordination. 

Another way we can address the problem is having a grand assembly with the school administration, to be held every start of the semester as an avenue for active discussion on the school calendar. This is a proposed event for the administration to have an avenue to present the school calendar including events, activities and other school updates especially given the academic calendar shift. With this event, students would also be able to clarify matters directly from the administration.

What is one idea that you would like the student council to implement next year?

Most of my plans are focused on intensifying and expanding the functions of Sec-Gen, but one of the new ideas I like the SC to implement is the Bar Qs, which is the weekly online posting of trending Bar questions. Students are encouraged to answer these questions. The person who will get the closest answer to the suggested answers from the Central Bar Operations will get a prize. I see this as a way of reinforcing the culture that we are preparing for the Bar and to be great lawyers during our every day in law school and not just during the Bar reviews. When it is your turn to take the Bar, some of these Bar Qs might even reappear or present in a similar question and you might remember the answer to it. 

How will your projects adjust to next school year’s calendar shift?

All of my projects are focused on intensive communication in the law school community. Changes will surely ensue, but everything can run smoothly if we all communicate properly to work together. For example, the Bar Qs might help the students choose the field of law they are more interested in or inclined to practice. This would be beneficial in choosing a track given that the school is now implementing a tracking system along with the calendar shift. This kind of project also encourages the people in the community to interact with each other even just in discussing the Bar Qs to create a fun and collaborative approach to a common endeavor which is to prepare for our own Bar exams.

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