Chelle Ventura. Photo by Ram Cusipag

Electus 2015: Chelle Ventura for Treasurer

What do you think is the main problem that the law school community is facing now and how would you address it?

I observed that sometimes, the decisions of the administration are too arbitrary. I think it would be best if we establish a process where we, as students, will have a say on those decisions of the administration that will greatly affect us, students.

With this, I would like to create, or if there has already been a draft, finalize and release a magna carta of students, in order for the students to know what are their rights and what remedies they could do in case any of those right are violated. In that way, arbitrary decisions by the administration will be minimized, if not eliminated.

What is one idea that you would like the student council to implement next year?

In relation to my aspired position (treasurer), I would like to propose a new concept called “Student Org Loans”. This shall be available to all accredited organizations. If ever they need funding of a specific project, and the Student Council cannot grant such request because the funds are already allocated, the student organizations may apply for a loan and then later on pay back the Student Council when they are already in a better position.

How will your projects adjust to next school year’s calendar shift?

My projects, as treasurer, do not really require for a specific schedule. I believe most of my projects, like the fundraisers, are flexible. They may be scheduled during the most convenient and most appropriate times.

However, as to the release of the Code of Financial Procedure and Org Budget Primers, I would like to release it before the school year begins. Thus, the calendar shift will be beneficial to me and the council as we will have more time to draft the Code of Financial Procedure and Org Budget Primers.

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