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Electus 2015: Alta Garcia for Treasurer

What do you think is the main problem that the law school community is facing now and how would you address it?

I think one of the main problems that the law school community is facing now is the problem of having limited resources to fund the essential projects that would benefit the students. Examples of these projects include the Central Bar Operations and the book allowance.  Since majority of the funds of the Student Council come from only a part of the tuition fee of the students, the priority projects of the Student Council and the organizations are experiencing financial constraints.

Because of these constraints, the desired benefit to the welfare of the students is often not fully met.  Without discounting the earnest efforts of the current Student Council and the school organizations to raise funds for these projects, I intend to refine these fund raising efforts by forming a specialized team of students who are very talented and skillful in the areas of marketing, advertising, and promotions.  This will effectively improve the fund raising activities of the Student Council and the student organizations, as well as harness and develop the multi-faceted talents of the student body.  In implementing this project, not only the Student Council is benefitted; at the same time, the personal development of the students that would participate will also be improved.

Specifically relating to the problems affecting the position of the Student Council treasurer, I think that the tedious process in the liquidation and disbursement of funds for the organizations and projects is a major concern. Admittedly, there is a manual for the processing of liquidation and disbursement requests prepared by the accounting office. However, these process could be very complex for being highly technical in the field of accounting and finance. With my background and experience in this technical field, I can simplify the steps, forms, and terms used in this process to make it easier and more hassle-free.  Utilizing this background and experience further, I can fully explain these highly technical aspects in a simpler way, to aid those that are not that well-versed in the field.

What is one idea that you would like the student council to implement next year?

One new idea that I would like the Student Council to implement next year is the establishment of an audit system of the projects of the Student Council and the student organization. This project will not only ensure that the funds for the projects are properly accounted for, but will also give an assurance to the students that they are properly apprised with the financial activities and the current status of the funds. This idea goes hand in hand with my other proposal of providing the students with a timely release of financial reports. The confidence of the students on the accuracy and reliability of these financial statements will be bolstered by the report of the independent and uninterested persons on the audit of these financial statements.

How will your projects adjust to next school year’s calendar shift?

For one, I will take the opportunity of having the additional months of break on account of the academic calendar shift to kickstart my proposed project of having a Treasurers’ Forum, which is a monthly consultation with finance officers of the different organizations regarding their financial concerns.  Meeting with these treasurers during this extended break would allow me to fully grasp all their concerns as a whole and also the specific and peculiar financial-related concerns of their respective organizations.  The monthly forum, following then the schedule of the new academic calendar, would then be a continuous and ongoing monitoring on how these concerns are being addressed.

In also utilizing the extended break brought about by the shift in the academic calendar, I will finalize and iron out during this period all the details and the schedules of the different activities and projects of the Student Council and the student organizations in order to release a timeline of their respective financial processing, outlining the specific requirements per step and the specific period when these requirements are needed for a more efficient processing of the project’s liquidation and disbursement requests.

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