Abi and Raniel prove that finding a best friend slash lover in law school is possible. Photo by Denise Sales

Best friends in love: Abi Continuado and Raniel Miranda


When Raniel was asked in one of our classes who his best friend in class is, Raniel immediately answered: “My girlfriend, Abi”.

Raniel answered the question in a very nonchalant way, not trying to impress anyone but just stating a matter of fact. Abi feels the same way too. When asked if she also considers Raniel as her best friend, she says that they are indeed not just a couple but they are each other’s best friends. She shares that Raniel tells her anything and everything even the guy stuff that normal girlfriends wouldn’t even bother about. Their relationship is one that some people would think to be too good to be true or something that you only watch in Star Cinema movies. However, having known Abi and Raniel for quite sometime, I can attest to to the genuine friendship and love that these two people have for each other.

Their story is not your typical law school love story. Raniel and Abi met even before law school when they were both students at the Loyola Schools. Abi admittedly never noticed Raniel back then and even had a crush on one of his friends. It was only until they both entered law school and became block mates that they noticed each other in a different light. Raniel, for his part, candidly said that he did not immediately notice Abi during ORSEM as he was not looking for a girlfriend at that time.

However, things changed when during the preparations for Father Bernas’ birthday, several block mates (myself, included) played a prank and decided to put Abi’s number in Raniel’s phone. Raniel, playing it cool, did not text Abi immediately and only texted her a few days after. He said that it wasn’t his style to beat around the bush; hence, his first text was not about asking Abi to study together but to watch a movie together. Abi, for her part, agreed to join Raniel as he was already her “crush” at that time. They eventually began studying together because according to Abi, “Kahit san ako mag-aral, malapit daw siya dun”.

Fast forward to two years after, Raniel and Abi are still like the normal block mates they started out to be–except with more inside jokes and conversations filled with sweet and playful banters. Unlike others, they do not consider being block mates as a hindrance or challenge to their relationship. Raniel jokingly admits that he is lucky that his girlfriend is his block mate because he relies on Abi to remind him about the homeworks and teach her the lessons. The tough competition in law school has also not affected their relationship, as they never ask about each other’s grades. Abi even proudly said that Raniel is smarter than her and she is okay with that. Studying together has also never been unproductive for both of them as they said that they do not have “aral-landian dates”.

Finally, when asked what tips they can give to couples who are only starting out in law school, Abi immediately said, “Mag-ingat”. Kidding aside, they said that it’s best to just let things run their normal course and not force things to happen. Going with the flow definitely worked and still works for them as they are going stronger on their second year together. Indeed, if there is one thing that is very remarkable with this couple, it is the fact that they are not your typical cheesy couple but rather they are the epitome of the chill, funny couple you would definitely want to hang out with. P



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