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Delivered packed meals are all the rage nowadays, but just how worth it are they? Photo by Leslie Po

Sexy Chef

Diet food can be difficult to cook. The ingredients should be sought out, the portions measured, and the cooking timed. Cafeterias, fast food joints, and restaurants near the premises of the school or office have limited options.

But whether you’re deciding to lose weight or just wanting to eat healthier food with better ingredients, you’ll now find that diet food has evolved and delivery services are now offered by various establishments to suit our busy lifestyles. Various establishments offer diet plans with a different daily menu, basically taking out the planning stage from your mealtime. For this article, I decided to try one of the many diet food delivery services out there.

The process is quite simple, the Sexy Chef provides for a landline and a cellphone number that can be called, in their website. They have daily menus and a choice of various diet programs that you can sign up for, including the Paleo Diet and the South Beach Diet, and calorie-controlled eating plans which you can sign up for in one week or two-week timeframe.

Food which could be ordered daily is also available in different options: dine lite 350 calorie meals, vegetarian, 350 calorie bentos, power meals, and Paleo-friendly desserts. Their healthy food options can be ordered daily in advance, with a 12-noon cutoff for delivery the succeeding day. I decided to try their 350 meals, which has four options daily. For my meals, I chose the Huli Huli Hawaiian Chicken with Pineapple Fried Rice and Creamy Beefsteak Pasta priced at 190 pesos each with fifty pesos delivery charge.

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9:37 AM — The Sexy Chef deliveryman arrived. The two meals arrived cold in microwaveable packages.

10:40 AM — I have plans for dinner so I decided to eat one of the meals for breakfast. I heated the Huli Huli Hawaiian Chicken with Pineapple Fried Rice. Some observations: the chicken has no distinctive taste: not too salty and not too sweet either. Newcomers to this type of food might find this bland but I actually like it. The chicken was marinated but not for too long, giving a balanced taste. The pineapple fried rice was delicious and filling. They used brown rice; fried with small pineapple slices, carrots and peas which made the rice crunchy, slightly sweet and filling.

3:00 PM — The Creamy beefsteak pasta is actually a bistek tagalog topped on creamy pasta. While the Huli Huli Hawaiian Chicken could possibly be bland, depending on one’s taste buds, the creamy beefsteak pasta is the typical salty type of bistek tagalog. This particular serving is not filling. Sure, my hunger pangs subsided but I finished the meal knowing that I would get hungry just real soon.


Overall, this is sustainable. Despite thinking that I would go hungry right after the last Sexy Chef meal, I got hungry just in time for my dinner out: at 8 o’clock in the evening. My calorie intake before dinner amounted to more or less 700. My estimated daily calorie intake is 1750-1950 for my age, height and weight. To lose one to two pounds per week, I should ideally eat 1250-1450 daily. Eating three 350 calorie meals would still make room for up to 400 calories of snacks. Resorting to delivery healthy meals should have an end goal of training yourself to eat well and stick to manageable portions. P

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