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Places To Go For The Rookie Weekend Warrior

Life and law. These are two things which are seemingly mutually exclusive. They say that when you’re in law school, your life inevitably pauses—if you don’t have time to sleep then where will you find time to travel? (#LAWISLYF)

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to squeeze in travel between the grit and grind. Here are some places perfect for a law student/zombie aching for a quick (and much-needed) getaway.

Las Casas de Acuzar, Bagac, Bataan

Las Casas is filled with old spanish houses —some authentic and some remade— which makes for its regal and wistful vibe. The place is perfect for a quick time travel; strolling around the place is a literal walk down memory lane. The cobblestone streets, the brick walls, the stone bridges, and the Spanish architecture contribute to the overall appeal of the place. Walking the streets of Las Casas felt like a surreal flashback to Spanish-colonial Philippines. For the instagrammers, I highly recommend this place. There are a lot of picturesque scenes and hidden alleyways perfect for a quick photoshoot. I especially loved the view of the sunset; the sun descends perfectly atop the old buildings stirring feelings of nostalgia. You can opt to have a day trip or to spend the night in the hotel located inside Las Casas.

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Casa San Miguel, San Antonio, Zambales

Hidden in the northern part of Zambales is a quaint little house filled with antiques and unique paintings. The house displays an old-fashioned exterior but hides a contemporary interior. You can tour the house where you can find an assortment of artwork ranging from paintings to sculptures. At the rightmost part of the house, you can find a haven for antiques and vintage collections. There is a retro van/library housing a lot of books which you can borrow and read. If you are the slightest bit interested in classical music, I recommend you visit this place. Casa San Miguel is actually a school for music and on Sundays, their alumni perform recitals. It also has a small and cozy cafe where you can read a good book (or your codal) until the recitals start. The place has a soothing and relaxing atmosphere as there are only a few people who know this hidden gem.

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Liw-Liwa, San Felipe, Zambales

Who said you need to go to La Union to surf? It’s a no-brainer that Zambales is known for its variety of beaches. One of the lesser known beaches that is slowly gaining attention is Liw-Liwa. The waves are perfect during the summer season for newbie surfers. There are a number of hostels offer beginner’s lessons and also offer boards for rent. The beaches are secluded, far away from the bustling streets which makes it perfect for a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Metro. If you want to spend the night, Liw-Liwa houses a number of hostels that offer cheap rates. After the gruelling battle with the waves, you can just sit down on the shore, beer on hand, and watch as the sun sets and the skies fade from blue, to purple, to complete darkness. Away from the city lights, the stars shine so bright that it leaves an inexplicable feeling of awe. There’s nothing like this in the city.

Minalungao National Park, Nueva Ecija

If you want to be connected with nature, then you should try Minalungao National Park. The park is surrounded by massive rock formations and clear waters. It is a place of fairytales, I tell you. One look and you would feel enchanted by the natural rock formations. Not only is it a sight to behold, there are also various activities that you can do. If you are a laid back person then you can just rent a bamboo raft and tour the entire limestone formation. There is a nipa hut atop the bamboo raft so you can bring food and just relax to your heart’s content while sailing through the calm waters. If you are more on the adventurous side, you can ride the zipline or go cliff diving, spelunking, and hiking. It’s possible to do all these activities in one day but you may opt to spend the night as there is a recently opened hotel near the park for tourists’ convenience.

Sunflower Maze, Tayug, Pangasinan.

Sunflowers are the “happiest” kind of flowers, don’t you think? I’m sure you’d feel like Alice in Wonderland surrounded by tall bright yellow sunflowers. These sunflowers are arranged in a sort of labyrinth— winding down and twisting in unexpected areas. The place is surreal; imagine walking around with sunflowers towering over you and smothering you with its brightness. The tour was short as there was not much to see but it was worth it (especially for a sunflower junkie). Although the park closed for a while, it is open again now to the public although, they say that the sunflowers are smaller as compared to the first batch. Don’t fret though, the sunflowers are still as bright and beautiful as ever. The park also showcases a variety of flowers which is perfect for flower enthusiasts. A day trip would be enough to wander through the whole maze and even register to the Maze Challenge.

Aqua Beach Club, Angeles City, Pampanga

Can’t decide how to spend your Saturday—party or splash in the pool? Why not choose both? Aqua Beach Club is the place to be! It offers a refreshing way to party, literally. First thing you will see is the swimming pool and then the numerous beach lounges, the cabanas, the jacuzzi, and the bar that is almost surrounded by the swimming pool. Not only do they offer to-die-for mixes, you will also be entertained by the live-action flair bartending. The place sends off an exclusive and lavish vibe as the club is located at the 7th floor of ABC hotel. For those who want to party more privately, the club offers cabanas for rent with its own viewing deck and lounges. What better way to spend a weekend chilling in a jacuzzi overlooking the city with a Margarita on hand?

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So what are you waiting for? What else is stopping you? Grab your codals and go on a trip! You know you want/need/deserve it!

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