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Discovering Your Artsy Side

They say that a man should have at least two hobbies. One to keep him fit and the other to keep him creative.

Art is good for the brain in that it reduces stress and anxiety.

Here are some activities guaranteed to keep the creative juices flowing all break:

First, Get started with calligraphy.

Aside from actually helping us get the box, “improve handwriting”, unchecked on our blue books, the art of calligraphy is relaxing and perfect for beginners.

There is no need for fancy art materials, your sharpie highlighters will do. Although, hobbyists suggest starting with felt tip brushes like Faber Castell, Koi or Tombow brushes to practice brush control. Once you get the hang of it, you can start using water brushpens (there’s Koi, Tokyo Finds).

Anything that can be lettered can be the subject of calligraphy, from your favorite bible verse to your latin maxim.

Next, you could also get started on watercolors.

You can use either your water brushpens or any pointed round brush.

You can buy materials from Art Bar/ SM Stationery. If you wish to buy manuals, The Craft Central has several manuals/ workbooks for beginners in Calligraphy. Attend workshops with free materials and manuals. You’ll surely learn tips from your teachers.

Lastly, you could try sketching.

It only takes a pen and a piece of paper. Try the back of SCRAs from blessings.

For more inspiration, follow these IG accounts:

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@sincerelyyen for calligraphy and floral water colors.

@sevenbrushstrokes. For beginners in brush lettering. She even has tutorials perfect for beginners. She makes calligraphy easy for her viewers.

The works of @lettersofmeeya, @tinperez, and @theafterseven will also inspire you to try different techniques. These accounts specialize in both florals and calligraphy.

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For florals, there’s @jolypoa and @estherpeck. Their video tutorias are very helpful.

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For landscapes/ seascapes, you can follow @aquarryl.

For stationary lovers, there’s @vinceartstudio.

If you’re interested in acrylic painting, you can also follow @dreweuropeo

If at first, the desired results are not achieved, remember that constant practice is the key to the improvement of any craft and that skilled artists were once amateurs.

“[M]edicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.” – Robbie Williams, Dead Poets Society.

Darrean “Yen” Griba is an internal Auditor in Ginebra San Miguel. She is an art enthusiast who spends her spare time conducting workshops, teaching the art of calligraphy and floral watercolors. She administers her IG page, sincerelyyen. All photos feature her work and were published with her permission.

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