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Food from Mineshine. Photo by Aika Beltran

The Bucketlist


THESE days, watering holes have popped up left and right. However, only a few places serve good food, provide a nice ambiance and generally offer a nice place to kick back and grab a couple of drinks with friends, co-workers or blockmates at the end of a long day. Moonshine is a cozy bar and restaurant located along Jupiter in Makati that provides all these and more. Try their signature drink, the Moonshine (gin, triple sec, and lime), while waiting for your order of their delicious Truffle Mac and Cheese or their Wagyu burger. They even have S’mores for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth at the end of the night. Moonshine’s got it all–food, drinks, dessert, and the ambiance. Definitely a place you can’t miss.



For those looking for a little something to keep them up at night, then Annabelle might just be up your alley. The highly anticipated semi-sequel to The Conjuring traces the terrifying beginnings of the haunted Annabelle doll, which involves a gruesome murder committed in the name of demonic cult beliefs. The film makes use of the usual jump scares and a chilling score, not to mention an abundance of close up shots on the creepy doll itself, but all in all nothing new is to be expected from the movie.



The Black Keys’ new album Turn Blue can be described in one word – trippy. Those who have been fans of their music from way back will find that this album deviates from the distinct heavy blues sound they used to come up with, and has now added more synths, giving their music a bit of a pop feel to it. The first single, “Fever”, embodies exactly what this album tries to accomplish–slowly creeping into the mainstream consciousness while still retaining its blues soul.



Speed junkie but held back by the infamous Manila traffic? Fret not because a new go-kart track just opened up, available for those with a need for speed. Pay City Kart Racing in Circuit Makati a little visit when you want to blow off some steam after that horrible midterm exam, when you want to let that road range run free for a few minutes or even when you want to make an impression on a first date. Lessons are available for first-timers, so no need to worry about learning the ropes. Drop by and let your inner Michael Shumacher run wild. P

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