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The Bucket List

SEE : Magic in the Moonlight

Magic in the Moonlight is another item in Woody Allen’s much prolific filmography. Starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone, this comedy tells the story of a stage magician tasked to uncover the fraudulent acts of a spiritualist for her otherworldly pronouncements. Set on the French Riviera in the roaring 20s, the film showcases Allen’s signature panache. The narrative is subtle yet quirky; the cinematography is vivid in its dreamy vignettes. This film, in following the critical success of Midnight in Paris and Blue Jasmine, holds Allen-enthusiasts in anticipation of another masterpiece.

When: Release on Late July to August



2014 saw the rise of HAIM and their transformation of the music zeitgeist. An all-girl indie band composed of sisters Este Arielle, Danielle Sari, and Alana Mychal, HAIM screams girl power through the genre of pop. Their style, however, is far from the most cringing variations of kitsch music. Instead, their impeccable sophistication and pop sensibility combine different sources of influence from icons such as TLC, Destiny’s Child, Kendrick Lamar, and Mariah Carey. The result is a fresh, invigorating, and infectious set of beats, recapturing the essence of pop. One may dance to HAIM, only this time sans the guilt.

What: Days Are Gone (2013) album


DINE : Double Cheese Sauce Tsukemen

The Tsukemen is a set containing noodles, a bowl of Parmesan and cheese sauce, and broth. While technically not a ramen, the Tsukumen is perhaps one of the most delectable. The experience is novel as it is tasty – one immediately gets fond of Japanese culture at the mere onset of flavors in one’s tongue. The interiors of the restaurant simulate well the Japanese context. Walls are of yero material, the food cart is literally the Japanese stall, and the lights are in the paper lanterns with calligraphy in black ink.

Where: Mitsuyado Sei-Men House of Tsukemen,  Jupiter St., Bgy. Bel-Air, Makati City


EXPLORE: National Art Gallery

Manila’s grandest of art exhibits is the National Art Gallery, a part of the greater network of the National Museum of the Philippines. Whether by one’s self, or with a significant other, or with families and friends, wander around the compound while appreciating the impressive expression of artistic Filipino talent. Marvel at the historical magnificence of the architecture and the timeless pieces curated inside. Truly, one enters here worn out from the banal routines of everyday, but leaves satiated with the memory of beauty and the beauty of memory.

Where: Padre Burgos Avenue, Ermita, Manila

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