• Scribe's Scribbles
    Loveless Christmas
    Ten days before Christmas, I conditioned myself for the inevitable—for the 24th time, I am celebrating a “loveless” Christmas. I still remember how I jokingly instituted an organization back in college called Samahan ng...
  • Dura Lex Said Lex
    Never forget
    “To know nothing of what happened before you were born, is to forever remain a child.” – Cicero Election talks are abuzz. Possible candidates have been making waves in the news, bent on etching their names...
  • Think the Opposite
    A culture of homogeneity
    Ignorance is inexcusable, and each of us has a responsibility to be aware, and to know, and to be more inclusive of diversity.

  • Telltales of liability, or of impunity?
    The fact remains that a lot of these exposés become the subject of media fiasco up until the next one comes afloat; and when it does, the old one gets shelved, only to be...
  • A Rich Seam
    Depression awareness
    Depression – a normal reaction a law student experiences after a bad recitation, a difficult exam, or a dreadful grade. Law students seemed to have mastered the art of feeling down, yet subsequently brushing it...
  • Skipping Spaces
    On the road to 2015
    The cool breeze that eases its way through the windowpane is a reminder that 2014 has reached its end; as we bid goodbye to the year that was, a promise of a brand new tomorrow...
  • #Obiter
    Seeking relevance
    A couple of years ago, fresh from the laidback world of college, I decided to start a blog. At first, I didn’t know what to write about. My first few posts ranged from mundane rants,...

  • The Muslim world and the Charlie Hebdo attack
    My point is, the convenient choice of saying that we are peaceful does not really answer the core problem in the face of division between and among us Muslims; we are at war with...
  • A Wilderness of Sweets
    A Tale of Two Cities
    THERE is a Manila I know only from the pages of books and sepia-tinted photographs, a city of stone walls and frescoed churches, of Art Deco statues standing proudly outside buildings with facades lined...
    More of Nancy than Meets the Eye
    NANCY Binay’s recent fashion picks as her ensemble during the State of the Nation Address infamously puts her once again in the spotlight in the online community. Many have expressed their distaste with her...