About Us

The publication was established in 1965, four years after the Ateneo Law School’s first publication, Utopia, had ceased its operations. The Palladium, which translates into a “bulwark and safeguard,” was coined by the former school registrar, Manuel Gosiengfiao, who believed that the publication should indeed be a bulwark and safeguard of truth. The publication suspended its operations in 1971, following the implementation of Martial Law.

In 1980, El Ponente was created, and served as the student publication of the Law School until 2002. Then Associate Dean for Student Affairs Sedfrey M. Candelaria sought to revive The Palladium because of the need for a means of disseminating information and expressing one’s self to the ALS community.

Thus, The Palladium returned in 2003, with Madeleine Avanzado and Giovanni Bautista as the new Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor, respectively. Despite the long hiatus, The Palladium still espouses the same ideals, the same purpose, and the same goals for which it was created—to be the bulwark and safeguard of truth.

Since then, the publication continues to evolve. It has been at the forefront of delivering timely and relevant information, not just to members of the Ateneo Law community, but also to the entire legal profession.

The Palladium publishes three to four issues annually. It used to publish its issues via a news magazine. However, a revamp of the publication’s look transpired in 2012. At present, each regular issue comes in two different formats: a broadsheet containing the News, Legal, and Opinion sections; and a magazine pull-out, where the Features, and Arts & Culture sections are published.

It also publishes Pallas, the publication’s annual arts and literary folio, and Electus, the primer for the annual Student Council elections. Plans for a Legal Stylebook are also underway.

On April 27, 2014, during the Commencement Exercises of the Law School, The Palladium was awarded a Special Citation for Student Organizations by the school administration “in recognition of its exemplary contribution to the Ateneo Law School community.”

The Palladium celebrated its 50th year last 2015.