Never Again to Martial Law

Ngayong araw ay ginugunita natin ang ika-46 anibersaryo ng pagdedeklara ng batas militar. Today, we remember not only the surreptitious death of our fledgling democracy on a stroke of a pen of a dictator who sought to plunder his own compatriots and to silence any form of dissent and semblance of republicanism, but we remember because we believe that it is only through remembering that we ensure that the lessons of the past will not be repeated again. We owe this not only to ourselves but to those who have given their lives and sacrificed their all for the liberation and eventual redemption of the Filipino People. And yet today, the very institutions which sought to do away with this martial law regime of Mr. Marcos is now imperiled from the center. Today, we see a resurgence of constitutional authoritarianism or worse the bastardization of our constitution embellished and protected by the myth of fake news perpetrated by the Marcos-Arroyo-Duterte clique. Today, we remember those who even on the darkest nights of September 21, 1972, never wavered of their commitment – of their resolve – to end Mr. Marcos’ dictatorship. And now, the task is upon us to rise up and defend the institutions that were supposed to prevent a return of these darkest nights of our history. And so today, we remember because we now say #NeverAgain to martial law #NeverAgain will we forget the bravery, heroism, and sacrifice of those who fought, died, and bled for the restoration of democracy.

What is the challenge today?

Today, more than remembering, we are called to join the ranks of those who seek to preserve our democratic way of life. Today, we see our country riddled with political and socio-economic turmoil exacerbated by a wanton disregard to fundamental human rights and contempt to the rule of law. Today, we see once more a flagrant disrespect to the right to life of every Filipino. Today, we see opposition leaders once again arbitrarily arrested on a dubious understanding of the law. And so today, let us express our dissent. Let us show this government and this administration that we will never allow martial law to rule again. Let us prove to those who say that the Filipino today has condoned and forgiven the Marcoses of their atrocities wrong. For today, we say WE REMEMBER. WE WILL NEVER FORGET. Today, we say NEVER AGAIN TO MARTIAL LAW.

Isang mapagpalayang araw sa ating lahat.

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