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Student Council launches ALS App

One of the big projects that saw an early realization in Academic Year 2018-2019 for the incumbent Student Council was the Ateneo Law School (ALS) Application or ALS App. Available for download both in the Android PlayStore and the Apple App Store for all ALS students, the soft launch was introduced shortly before enrollment. For registration, students were only required to input their student numbers and designated registration codes generated for them. This development provided a more efficient system in the enlistment of upperclassmen with back subjects.

Prior to the launch, students with back subjects had to come as early as 9AM, get a random queuing number, and wait for the rest of the day in order to enlist in the subjects they needed. Through the App, number reservation took place the night before enrollment day, making the entire process a lot quicker and easier.

According to Yen Rase, incumbent Internals Vice President of the Council, the App was a chance to address a major student concern — the need for an efficient system that could contain everything students needed access to, such as notifications from Batch Representatives, a calendar for school events, a convenient way to reserve slots for enrollment or Alternative Class Program (ACP), and, eventually, a source for reviewers, notes, and primers, all in digital form and easily accessible through mobile phones. Through future updates, the App shall also serve as a medium where the entire student body can voice their concerns and stances regarding certain issues.

Since the ALS App was such a novel project which had not been previously attempted by past Student Council administrations, the incumbent Council had to address some concerns from the administration early on. These issues include the protection of students’ data privacy and the limit on the accessibility of Admin files (which will be made available in the Files Docket tab) to current ALS students only. The Terms of Agreement and Privacy Manual had to be drafted specifically for these purposes.

At present, the App has five tabs—the Events Wall, Calendar, Home, Appointments, and Files Docket. As to whether the App could handle the traffic once the full version launches, Rase confirmed that the server can accommodate up to a 100,000 people at once, eliminating the possibility of App crashes in the future.

The full version of the App launches mid-September.



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