SC kicks off House Cup 2018

Vying for their respective Houses, students in red, blue, yellow and white gathered around the Ateneo Law School (ALS) Atrium as the Ateneo Law Student Council (SC) formally began the year-long inter-block competition in the 2018 House Cup Opening Ceremony, September 21.

The House Cup is a series of contests involving different sports and games scheduled across the academic year where participants forge “camaraderie and sportsmanship”. Dean Joey Hofileña, who spoke during the ceremony, commended the student body for organizing such event which essentially fosters unity and healthy competition among the law students.

“Without projects involving multiple year levels at a time, there are barely any avenues for the students from different batches to interact. Although having fun and releasing some stress is one of the main benefits, what the Student Council wants to gain from the House Cup is a better sense of community between the students and even the faculty. We are one Ateneo Community,” Rob Escalante, SC President said.

There are four competing Houses and each are composed of a block encompassing ALS students from the first to fourth year. House Talon consists of Blocks A and 1-F and has Polo Martinez and Glyssa Soriano as team captains. House Mane, the defending champions, is led by Bernard Razon and Angelica Enrile-Inton of Block B. House Claw includes all students from Block C and has Armand Mendoza and Frances Siapno as leaders. Lastly, AB Deslate heads House Fang which is a combination of Blocks D and 1-E.

“The students can expect a bigger and better House Cup. Last year, when Micco (Pesuena) and I were the heads, we were still testing the waters and hoping that the students would participate in something new — so the events were more conservative. This year, however, we plan on going all out because of the participation the students gave last year,” Escalante added.

This semester’s games include Tug of War, Flip Cup, Team Eating Contest, Reverse Jack En Poy, DoTA and NBA 2k. Meanwhile, Ninja Obstacle Course, Basketball, Volleyball, DoTA, Patintero, Karaoke, Water Balloon Dodgeball, and Futsal are the matches to be set in the next semester.

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