ALS to hold 2018 Special Elections

Ateneo Law School’s Commission on Elections and Judicial Appointments (CEJA) will hold a Special Elections on Wednesday, September 19 from 11am to 6pm at the B1 Lobby to fill the vacancies in the Student Council.

After the regular elections held earlier this year, two national positions were left unfilled: Treasurer and Secretary General. Although CEJA opened the said positions again to interested students this semester, only one heeded the call. Ritz Alejandro from Block 3A is the lone candidate for the open national position as she vies for Student Council Treasurer. The Secretary General remains vacant as no one filed for a Certificate of Candidacy in time for the deadline.

As per tradition, freshmen law students will also elect their batch representative in the upcoming elections.

Freshmen representation, financial appropriation, and overall student service are some of the tasks that await the candidates when elected for the job.

Alejandro, who previously had work experience on audit and finance, said that her friends made her realize that it was time to step up to serve more people. She also admitted that running for Treasurer is “an opportunity to grow, to meet and work with new people in the law school community, and to put my accounting background to good use.”

For the position of First Year Batch Representative, going head to head are Carlos Recto from Block 1E and Claudia Tuano from Block 1B. When asked why their batchmates should vote for them, both put weight on their respective general plans of actions. But ultimately, the two candidates had one goal in mind – to make law school less gruelling for their batchmates.

“A vote for me is a vote for my platform. Through these concrete platforms that I will implement, we will be able to attain our ultimate goal: to become prominent lawyers,” said Recto. Tuano, on the other hand, explained, “By voting for me, this batch would have a leader that would be genuinely concerned for my batchmates and would always have the batch’s best interest at heart.”

To know more about the the candidates and their platforms, grab a copy of the Special Election Electus available in any of The Palladium stands around campus.

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