2017 Freshmen Special Elections

The Freshmen Students will have to make their choice, as the Freshman Special Elections will be held today, 8 September 2017. But we all need to get our homework done before an informed choice must be made.

The sole candidate for First Year Batch Representative is Patrick Alcantara, a graduate of De La Salle University – Manila. Not known to all, Patrick is a person who enjoys actualizing ideas. He finds fulfillment whenever he sees an idea transform into something concrete. This is one of his driving points that continues to push him to do bigger things for myself and the people around him.

Packed with a passion for leadership and a heart of compassion, he decided to run because he wanted to be of serve his fellow batchmates. “More than just helping the batch, I ran because I know this opportunity can help me grow. I want to show to the batch what I can offer; that is my leadership experience as well as my general and specific plans for them”, he said.

His general plan of action is the 2021 Connect. As the batch rep, he aims to provide the batch a holistic and maximized experience in the law school by connecting them to three main sectors: the batch, the rest of the Ateneo Law Community, and to the Admin.

Under each sector, he has a specific program in place.

• The Beadle Network – this is a project that aims to connect the batch through the beadles and the batch rep. This group can collate the concerns of every block and share tips, notes, and updates regarding academics and their everyday lives in law school.
• 2021 Bulletin – this shall serve as the official communication channel that will bridge the batch to the rest of the organizations and offices in the law school. This will be the official announcement channel that will keep the batch posted regarding announcements and other important events and activities.
• 2021 Hotline – this is a dedicated hotline that can batch can utilize to forward their concerns about the law school. Through this, the batch would always have an open line of communication with their batch rep and the batch rep can easily respond to any question or suggestion for and from the batch.

When asked the question: Why should they vote for you instead of abstain? He answered, “The batch should vote for me because of the platforms and specific projects that I have made for them. The projects that I have in store is a commitment that I am making to the batch that their vote for me will not be put to waste. It is a vote for a leadership guided by a vision.”

To better know our candidate, here are several questions that were asked:


1. Being the first batch who took the PHILSAT, do you think it is necessary? Thoughts? Opinions?

Patrick answered: I believe that it is necessary to standardize the exam for the entry to law school. It gives a common criteria through which every student, regardless of their undergrad standing, will be evaluated. Through this, aspiring law students would be better prepared for their entrance to law school because they would know which specific areas they would be graded.

Eventually, I would like to see the PHILSAT scores become as the standard basis for every law school whether or not they would accept a student or not. In this way, we would be able to remove the redundant efforts in the admission into law schools such as taking of double examinations which would sometimes cover the same topics and subjects.

2. What do you think is our role as youth in the current occurrences of Extra Judicial Killings?

Patrick answered: As the youth, we can serve as the instruments of proper information to the rest of the nation. We are at the prime position to know and understand what is happening around us. But most of our countrymen are not. This is where we come in – we shed light to the harsh reality of EJK that prevails in the nation. We have all the tools that we need in order to inform, spread awareness, and most especially, change the mindset of the people in order for them to realize that this is an inhumane strategy that violates our fundamental rights.

And for the fun question!

Kung magiging isang bagay ka, ano ito at bakit? At paano mo ibebenta nag sarili mo?

Patrick answered: Kung magiging isang bagay ako, pipiliin ko maging isang book stand. Para sa ating mga law students na laging nagbabasa, malaking tulong ang pagkakaroon ng book stand sa ating pag aaral. Gumagaan kahit papaano ang dami ng mga kailangan nating aralin.

Parang ako lang ito at ang pagiging batch rep ko. Pwede mong maisip na kaya mo naman na walang ganito, pero kapag naranasan mo ang tulong at ginhawa ng pagkakaroon ng book stand o ng batch rep, siguradong masasabi mo na ang laking tulong pala nito sayo. P

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