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All I want for Christmas are Study Materials

Since the semester is about to end and the holiday season is about to start, thinking about it brings not only thoughts about Christmas break, but also the food and merriment the holiday season brings. More importantly, Christmas is drawing near, so giving and receiving gifts will also be on the top of things to do this season.

When talking about gifts, there is always a process involved. First, you determine who you are going to give gifts to. Second, you think about what each person would want to receive based on their likes and perhaps hobbies. And third, you do some scouting for presents, be it in the malls or bazaars or even through online shops. Everyone has their own list of family and friends to give gifts to, so I will leave that up to you. But what about for fellow law students?

I’m a freshman law student and not as experienced yet with the daily grind of law school. I admit that although at the start of the semester I had equipped myself with “law school gear” such as folders, notebooks, highlighters and such, I found that they were not enough as I found myself discovering more and more items to add to said gear. As an avid fan of study equipment, finding out about new things which improve my study grind was always exciting for me. Therefore, I decided to write about this article in order to list down the top three finds I discovered throughout the semester, share it with those who have yet to discover them as well, and perhaps help with the gift-giving among law students this season.

  1. Highlighter Stand

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The first item on this list is for those who use multiple highlighters and want a more convenient stand for them. If you do not already have one of these, you have probably seen it in the possession of other law students studying in the campus library or in coffee shops. Although its original purpose is to serve as a makeup brush holder, many law students have turned it into a highlighter stand, due to the silicone top adjusting its shape to any size, which allows students to place virtually any kind of highlighter on it. This is a recommended gift since it allows you to spend less time opening and closing the caps of each highlighter whenever you want to switch colors while reading. If interested, you can find this on Shopee or Lazada for around 200-300 pesos.

  1. Book Stand

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Next on the list are possible book stand options for those who study out a lot. Although there are many kinds of wooden book stands available in bookstores around the metro, what makes the two book stands on this list unique is how convenient they are. Unlike the bigger wooden stands, they are not bulky at all and can easily be slipped inside your bag, seeing as how they fold to a compact size. This would definitely help literally lighten the load, and would enable you to fit more reading materials inside your bag rather than removing some items because the wooden ones take up too much space.

For those interested, the first one is pretty hard to find, but it is available on Amazon, and there are some retail shops which resell this type of bookstand. The price range for this is around 1.5k-3k pesos. The second one, however, is available on Shopee and Lazada for around 600-800 pesos.

  1. Foldable Lamp

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Last but not the least, another one of the top gifts for law students, are foldable lamps. Just like the foldable book stands, these lamps are less bulky and easy to carry around. Not only that, they don’t have to be plugged since they are rechargeable. This is especially helpful when the main lighting is not that bright when studying in coffee shops or even in the campus library.

The first one can be found in hardware stores, but it is also available online, again in Shopee or Lazada, for around 600-700 pesos. The second one is available in Miniso for 599 pesos.

So that wraps up the top three finds for convenient study gear suited for law students. I hope that this article will at least help you get an idea of how to make the studying grind more convenient and helpful.

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