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Merry Binge-mas!

After a long year of reading cases, making digests, and studying reviewers, it’s finally the holiday season. ‘Tis the season of eating all you want, sleeping the entire day, and spending time with family and friends. This is a much needed break to spend time for yourself and with those who are important to you.

Enjoy the season by being with your loved ones because there is nothing more important than the people who support and love you every day. What better way to unwind than to binge-watch with them your favorite episodes from different TV shows? Make it even more special than watch the episodes that relate to the Christmas season. Here’s a list of the highest-rated Christmas episodes from well-known sitcoms that have been part of pop culture over the years.

30 Rock: Ludachristmas (S02E09)

Family gatherings with our grandparents, cousins, and parents really Rock until your relatives start talking about your weight, your lovelife, and other imposing questions. Nonetheless, bonding over Christmas dinner and talking about each other are all in the spirit of Christmas. This episode shows how family dynamics may be unique to each family but there is always one thing that makes it all similar: arguments. In light of Christmas Eve, the families of Jack and Liz visit their children. Here, Jack slowly realizes that maybe he was not raised as well as Liz because her family had always been supportive to her during her childhood, as opposed to his single mother who was always too hard on him. This happens while their co-workers in the studio struggle to discover the meaning of Christmas. Like Jack, you might also realize that despite the differences in how each of us were brought up; what matters is who you end up to be.

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Community: Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas (S02E11)

Christmas can be an opportunity to give back to the Community through socio-civic activities and outreach programs. This series, however, talks about community college students trying to pass subjects by having fun at the same time. Basically, law students if we had time to have fun. The episode is definitely a mix of fun and emotion since the characters, Abed especially, make use of special musical numbers to give their perspective on the meaning of Christmas which many may relate to. Making use of stop-motion animation instead of their usual live-action comedy, the episode gives an important lesson about how Christmas, which only happens once a year, should be best spent with our family or with those that we consider as family like our closest friends.

The Office: Christmas Party (S02E10)

Students aren’t the only ones on break but Office workers get to have one, too! This upcoming Christmas break is a time to stay at home and be away from school and enjoy this series. During the holidays, everyone is excited for Christmas parties and Secret Santa. In this episode, we see how Michael prepares the best Christmas party for his employees! We will see him twist Secret Santa by turning it into a Yankee Swap or a White Elephant Gift Exchange. As we progress through the episode, we will see people trying to fit their budget and later on realizing that it’s not about the amount or the price of the gift but the thought put into getting one.

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Parks and Recreation: Citizen Knope (S04E10)

The holiday season is the opportunity for people to go out in the Park and do Recreational activities. If you want to stay at home, binge-watch this political satire. Giving gifts to our loved ones is everyone’s favorite as we provide joy and happiness to those around us. Like us, Leslie, the deputy director of the Parks and Recreation Departments, gives so much thought and meaning to the gifts that she buys for her co-workers/friends. The episode revolves around her friends thinking of the best gift to give her. Watch until the end to learn about the best gift you can give to the friends around you.

Big Bang Theory: Bath Item Gift Hypothesis (S02E11)

This Christmas break is the best time to finish binge-watching this scientific sitcom before the Big Bang celebrations of the New Year. If you are tired of hearing law students use legalese in their conversations and jokes, listen to Sheldon and his friends as they apply scientific terms and concepts in their everyday life. Gift-giving is a tradition that people place a lot of value in which makes us difficult to buy a gift for another. In this hilarious episode, Sheldon is trying to make use of data and research in order to find the best obligation (gift) to give to Penny after finding out he will receive a gift from her. Watch until the end to know the amazing gift Penny got for Sheldon and to see how one cannot quantify a gift to be equal with another.

Friends: The One With The Holiday Armadillo (S07E10)

What better way to end this list by watching with your family this Christmas episode about a group of Friends living in New York. A much beloved series that is well-known for having a sense of humor in most episodes and friendship/family lessons in another. This episode encapsulates the importance of the holiday for all religions. That the holiday goes beyond the iconic character of Santa Claus. Religious characters like Jesus for Christians and the Maccabees for Jews are equally significant in celebrating this special occasion. Since Ross’s son is part Jewish, Ross, in a wacky armadillo costume, is trying to make his son appreciate the story of the Maccabees for their holiday, Hanukkah. Side note for this episode: Make sure to be smooth in bribing waiters if you want to eat at a fancy restaurant this Christmas.

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