Articles by Paula Elise Rivera

  • opinion On the road to 2015
    The cool breeze that eases its way through the windowpane is a reminder that 2014 has reached its end; as we bid goodbye to the year that was, a promise of a brand new tomorrow...
  • opinion When the Game Is Not Just a Game
    FILIPINO basketball fans roared with excitement in anticipation of the PLDT-organized event, “Last Home Stand,” which was announced to take place in Manila on July 22-23, 2014. This was supposed to be a two-...
  • arts & culture 2014 Watchlist
    Have you caught up with the biggest Hollywood films of 2014?
  • arts & culture A Student’s Guide to Note-taking
    A typical trip to the Blessings photocopy booth goes something like this: “Kuya, may Sandy Crab SpecPro po ba?” or “Kuya, pagawa pong dalawang copies ng Rem ni Atty. Ingles. Thank you.” It is...